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I am an Intuitive Communication Strategist. We met on the homepage.

Hi, I'm Emma!

I make you feel warm, welcome and safe to express yourself and I have an uncanny ability to bring out your confidence.


Emotional intelligence is my jam. I am an empath who loves to learn about the human condition and have turned this into my work. EGOxLESS started as a blog for catharsis. I've been observing and absorbing other people's heavy moments all my life. Representing strength and having a natural charisma made me approachable but also susceptible to carrying the pains of others. Also, being adaptable, I felt like I could engage with anyone but never truly fit in. That free-spirited, independent streak is grounded by my innate desire to help others.


Storytelling is what cultivates the human connection. 


I grew up loving entertainment and all things media. I always knew and felt things beyond my years, attributing to the old soul vibe. I felt responsible for the wellbeing of others and have always had this interesting relation to pain and how it can engulf people because of their fears. As I consumed stories through media and moved in and out of that industry over the years, the skill set acquired shaped my writing, producing, marketing and publicity capabilities. When the things on the screen became true to life in several ways however, and the boundaries began to dissolve, the stories became real. From this collision of all things, I learned the power of mindset how it could be altered when consumed by fear. When enduring or being adjacent to traumatic experiences, no matter how great or small, and being emotionally susceptible, the ego takes over. This and continual patterns of being that support system with no boundaries or closure for myself is where I learned my empathic distinctiveness but still had to own the very intuitive path of mine wholeheartedly.

Hence EGOxLESS was born.


I bridge the gap between esoteric and philosophical thoughts with the earthy adaptations of the human experience. 


When inspired, my mind goes off like fireworks, in many different directions. Yet somehow, I find a way to ground everything into a concrete plan of action. The quest I embarked upon in recent years was stemmed from the drive toward better understanding the human condition as a whole. I have correlated my experiences to the ingrained psychological patterns developed throughout a lifetime and embody a philosophical and spiritual approach to the healing and growth process we can all relate to in our humanity. We can be cerebral, emotional, physical and spiritual all at once FEARLESSLY and connect with our target audience and exceed our revenue goals. This is how I can relate to most people because I pinpoint the correlations that bind us. *Hint* It's finding safety in vulnerability and having a profound self-awareness then communicating THAT.


Media Arts, Advanced Diploma, Sheridan College · (2007 - 2010)

  • Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing, January 2020 to Present, LinkedIn Certification

  • Learning Cultural Strategy for Design, January 2020 to Present, LinkedIn Certification

  • Diploma in Public Relations, January 2020 to Present, Alison Online Learning

  • Graphic Design, January 2020 to Present, Alison Online Learning

  • Designing Emotion: How To Use Design To Move People, January 2020 to Present, LinkedIn Learning Certification

  • Content Marketing: Staying Relevant, January 2020 to Present, LinkedIn Learning Certification

Woo Woo Studies Bringing the Good Jujube to my work:​
  • Astrology + Numerology

  • Human Design

  • I love a good personality test. I incorporate Myers Briggs, Enneagrams and more.

  • Other magic

For more on my professional history,

connect with me on LinkedIn.

When aligned, I am a gentle hardass.

I love finding neutrality between life's contradictions, like salty and sweet foods. We can be balanced between the polarities and find illumination. To understand the extremes and choose compassion is your way home.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a left-handed, fitness loving, luxurious ethical product sourcing hippie, who grew up on hip-hop and a lot of television, with a recovering martyr complex whose sensitivity is so high that I once accidentally killed a fruit fly on Earth Day and was gut wrenched until bedtime. 

I like to be polished and vivacious, serious and silly, and have released a lot of OCD tendencies over the years to feel safe in my flexibility. I love to learn people, preferring one-on-one time or a carefully curated group, but honestly, kids are smarter than adults and animals are way cooler.

Personality Facts I Facilitate with Clients:

  • Astrology: Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon, Sag Rising

  • Numerology: Life Path 8

  • Human Design: Emotional Manifesting Generator

  • Myers Briggs: ENFJ (like Orpah)

  • Enneagram combo: 2, 4, 8

Connect with me over:

  • Literally the moon

  • Creative Projects! I love being on-camera and working with photographers and other magic makers

  • Talk to me about brand design and diverse content integrations to your marketing plan *swoon*

  • Tell me all your biggest life goals and I'll blast you with ideas to achieve them

  • Ask me for wellness book or podcast recommendations

  • Test my film + TV trivia knowledge

  • Tell me about your last run

  • Mushrooms!

  • Virtual cocktails? If we can be fancy, I'd prefer it.

Brand Affiliate Promo Codes:

Vitae Apparel code: EGOxLESS15

Runner's Protein code: ENORTONPROMO2100

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