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Authentic Writing Services


The moniker  means

less ego, more heart. 

I work with solopreneurs and small businesses who are ethically-minded, predominantly within holistic wellness and media. I keep my writing genuine, empathetic, and trauma-informed with a dash of charisma and humour.

I am an intuitive storyteller.

Hi, I'm Emma!

  • I am an observant communicator who loves to explore the human condition. I endlessly seek optimization through psychology, science and spirituality.

  • I'm an Empath and a Highly Sensitive Person, but conveniently, I'm also an extrovert. 

  • I love creating content, including photography, videography, and being in front of the camera.

  • Fitness plays a major role in my life, and I am an ambassador for two great brands:

  • Vitae Apparel code: EGOxLESS15
  • Runner's Protein code: ENORTONPROMO2100

I bring years of experience as a Media Events Producer, tackling a variety of writing projects. I have a diverse range of interests, ever-inquisitive, and I take a well-rounded approach to create content suited to my client's needs. I work best within holistic wellness, media and promoting other creatives. I focus on keeping my content trauma-informed and empathetic to diverse audiences, and I strive to work with highly collaborative do-gooders. 


What do I write?


Brand Storytelling






Social Content



Humanized Content made into Media Essentials

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