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The Rundown

Need help gaining confidence in presenting yourself to the public?


Whether you are looking to become a public speaker, build your personal brand to benefit your business, or are a media professional whose used to being behind the camera, not in front of it, my Media Training sessions are geared toward helping you increase your confidence and present to your audience authentically.

Let's work on how you present across the board with a multi-accessible content approach. I focus on your communicative personality details (ego aside) and professional goals. We will review your presence for creating the following type(s) of content that apply to your journey: 

  • blogs, articles, social and webpage copy, media kit, pitch decks

  • podcast or other auditory projects

  • video for socials or being on-screen for any presentation

  • any other presentation skills you feel you need help with, just ask!

We have 3 separate virtual 1:1 sessions with homework in between meetings!

The Timeline

Session 1

Mini Intuitive Communication Strategy Session + Goal Setting


  • Personality Profile highlighting your communication strengths as they pertain to the goals you have for publicity and content creation

  • A realistic outline of what you can achieve DIY and where you need a confidence boost

Session 2

The YOU Audit


  • Share with me samples of your public presentation

  • We will go over how you interact in the content you create

    • Visual - infusing your brand aesthetic into your look, photos, design, etc.​

    • Verbal - your tone of voice, cadence, linguistic quirks, how they sound in the written word as well

    • Video - how comfortable you are on camera, and what your body language is saying

Session 3

The Confidence Check + Boost


  • Calming techniques to keep you as cool as a cucumber on camera, mic, whatever, wherever, whenever

  • Next steps for publicity outreach or ideas for your content and projects

  • Suggestions for seeking external opportunities such speaking at a conference, on a podcast, etc.

Investment: $1500


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