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Copywriting Clients: Feet First Clinic

Feet First Clinic were my first copywriting clients with EGOxLESS and my first 'Pandemic Clients.'

The interesting part about freelance writing is that even if you do identify with a particular niche, you don't necessarily envision some of the industries you tap into and the topics you learn about. Foot health isn't something I have ever thought too much about, however, as a highly active person and a runner, I learned A LOT about Chiropody and serving different demographics (by age and activity level) through writing specific content. The topics varied and I was allowed some creative flexibility, which I truly appreciate.

The clinic has moved more into medical writing and are building their blog branding as a place of authority when it comes to foot health. The copy I wrote definitely fit under my 'wellness' niche, but the style of medical writing is something I don't specialize in. I learned a lot about structure and analysis of a blog with this freelancing role and of course, how to take better care of my tootsies.

Here are a list of articles I wrote for Feet First Clinic:

Anti-Inflammatory All-Stars for Gout

But What Are Calluses, Really?

Heart Health and Your Feet

Podiatry Podcasts

Podiatry Podcasts: Wellness, Fitness, Beauty Perspectives

Reducing Shock Absorption in Your Feet

Surprising DIY Additions to Your Foot Baths

The Impending Threat of Bunions

Toronto Trails for Winter Hikes

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