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Cody Baker Creative

Cody Baker is a travel photographer + filmmaker currently based in Calgary AB. Cody was in need of branding for his website and beyond that was reflective of his personality, was at par

Cody Baker Creative was looking for formal branding to be at par with his collaborators and stand out from the pack. 

Cody himself has a vibrant and balanced personality. He embodies a natural charisma and a devout approach to his work. To capture his presence and where he intends to grow his brand in the future, we went with a palette that felt both serious enough to be appealing to brands and had a playfulness to showcase his personality. 

The trick was to choose a vivid palette that doesn't overtake Cody's work (he loves a good pink palette, me too!) and add charm to the site, which Cody has in spades. 

By opting for the green tones heading into that bright and poppy turquoise, we could happily offset and not overpower his imagery and give people a taste of Cody as the photographer, filmmaker, and wonderful person to work with.

Work completed: 

Brand Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Website Collateral (visuals + copy)

  • Website Design + Build

  • Media Kit

  • Email Banner

  • Additional PR collateral as needed.

Cody Baker's Media Kit is available here.

Cody Baker Creative Media Kit
Download PDF • 7.74MB

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