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THE WHEEL Digital Magazine

Let's add a little woo woo to your Entrepreneurial Journey.

THE WHEEL is a digital product geared toward education, support and connection. The 12 issues provide premium content exploring the economy and finances, productivity, recreational therapy and burnout prevention, and food and drink. And critical themes that explore the depths of being human and how we can humanize our brands to find professional achievements that don't feel so hollow. By focusing on astrology in terms of personality profiling, learning to trust our intuition, and bringing that woo woo in our entrepreneurial journey with guidance from tarot, we can also correlate these ancient modalities with how to structure and systemize our businesses for optimization.


THE WHEEL, as a project, connects knowledge and experience with experimentation. For the creators, it has been about finding a sense of fearlessness, which is translated to the audience. 

As Editor-in-Chief of THE WHEEL, this has been my project from ideation to conception to full design, writing and content management. THE WHEEL serves as a platform of evergreen content and expansion projects under it's umbrella.

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