Do you want to create depth or distance?


My genius is amplifying your confidence surrounding your strengths and hyping up your magic to the right connections. I turn your fears into tangible actions to take to further your brand’s unique presence.


I believe that we start with the business owner first, cultivating an authentic personal brand and letting the business thrive from the ‘trickle down effect.’


As a Writer and Personal Branding Adviser with a Media Events Producing and Consulting background, I am able to identify the diverse communication needs helping you forge a powerful pathway toward your chosen success.


Intuitive Content Strategy Session

$400/one 2 hour meeting + prep and follow-up (or quarterly sessions $1200 for 12 months)


Idea Generation at its finest. I focus on getting to know you and help you build your personal brand to shine through in your business. We will discuss the types of content best suited for your promotion, matching it with the energy you can (and want) to give to it.


My process blends my archetypes of Momager, Entrepreneur, Coach and Friend, with a little bit of woo woo mixed into my professional savvy. I will send you an assessment in advance, which includes: 12 month professional goals, personality profiling info such as Myers Briggs, Human Design, and we get a little astrological in the meeting.

*I also hold these sessions for individuals in a business to cultivate better communication within the team. Please inquire about Corporate Services.*

Thoughtful Webpage Copy

$1000/4 pages, max 800 words/one-time project


Having written my own and multiple other client’s webpage copy, it’s important to have solid copy for better SEO direction to your site and showing up on Google. There are some finite details to use here in order to make this happen, and I’ve determined what they are from direct experience. Think like you’re the one searching for something then be that masterful writer.


Genuine Bio Writing

$300/long + short-form/one-time project


I love to help people communicate their authenticity and see where I can provide them with more confidence from my perspective. Similar to the Content Strategy Session, and the Webpage Copy, I will write your Biography for your website and a short-form version for LinkedIn or similar professional platforms for your professional promotion.


This can be a one-off project separate from the items above (or an add-on) and the goal is to help you better identify your assets to promote to the world in an authentic way.

THE recurrings 

Brand Storytelling

$2500+/monthly rate/capped at 7 hours service weekly


You are within the Media and/or Wellness space and you want to cultivate a stronger presence for your business + associated personal brand. Let’s tell your authentic story, weaving the correlations between you and your biz and also create new outside of the box opportunities for growth. This  is a hybrid package of Content Creation/Marketing/Publicity and Strategy.


Resourceful Blogging

$500/month/4 posts


My main squeeze, blogging. EGOxLESS started as a blog and has evolved, and blogging for others has been the launching into all this magic. I would like to think that I have this practice down to a science.

Captivating Newsletters

$500/month/4 newsletters - copy only (customizable)


Same price point as the blogs to write the copy. To add content into the mailing platform will be no additional chart, along with the content calendar. Does not include graphic design fee if you do not have a preset template.​


Engaging Social Media Content

$550/month/12 posts max (repurposed on all platforms)


It’s often difficult to write your own social media content, and it can become a pain if you have a multitude of other moving parts at play. Let’s connect over your branding voice and put out insightful and engaging content on a schedule that suits your needs.

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  • Livestreams

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