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Consultancy for ethically-minded solopreneurs, small businesses and startups.
As long-time entrepreneurs and freelancers with multi-faceted backgrounds, we are champions for those looking to share their unique imprint with the world. We offer a boutique-like agency feel that nurtures and elevates success. We cultivate ideas that lead to tangible actions, promotes creative flow, and support for scaling. Our signature intake process delves into our client's personality and goals. We then design systems that can be automated and enables a simple consistency. We help you feel confident and instigate thinking outside of  the box, especially when sharing your brand message with your audience.

Our Entrepreneurial    Meet Cute

As entrepreneurs, we all have a Hero's Journey. In Norse Mythology, there is the labyrinth, which is much more like the entrepreneurial journey, with twists and turns. Endurance and unwavering focus are essential against all odds.

There are approximately 6,500 kilometres (4,040 miles) between The Netherlands, Renske Ensing of Simple's home, and Canada, Emma Norton of EGOxLESS's native land. How could our paths cross in this modern pandemic era? Why a virtual networking community, of course.

In the entrepreneurial labyrinth, there can be parallel paths (and tunnels and chambers) that eventually come to a mirror. Perhaps you see David Bowie at this point, but in the case of Renske, whose focus was Productivity, very left-brained and Emma's Communication, in the right, it was the recognition of duality.

Coming into alignment with one another was that missing key to professional balance, and sometimes, even as solopreneurs, we are better together.

Renske Ensing
Renske is a Productivity Strategist for overwhelmed business owners, solopreneurs, CEO's and creatives. She helps them streamline their business (and life) with Intentional Productivity Strategies, Resources and a little magic to get them (back) into their flow.
Solutions Collector + 
Dot Connector
Emma Norton
I am a Communication Strategist that helps people find confidence in their authentic expression through building an empathetic connection, helping to build their psychological self-authority, and shifting their communication toward being mindful of their goals.
Idea Broker, Opportunity Driver + Connective Storyteller
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Consultancy Service


We help you maximize the value of your Business Productivity style and Communicate your

brand story.



4-6 weeks 

€844/EU / $1111/CAD (Solopreneur) 

*Inquire about team rates

What's Included:

ntentional Productivity

  • Intentional Productivity; Priorities, Blocks, Schedule, Review & Systemize

  • Resources: SIPOC process map, Process flow templates, step-by-step guide on creating your business procedures

  • Quarterly Goal Setting - for energy enhancement

  • One-on-one strategy call

Intuitive Communication

  • Personality Profiling using various modalities

  • Basic Personal Communication Strategy with resources and additional recommendations

  • Current Copy + Presentation audit on website and socials

  • Quarterly Goal Setting - Personal Brand Awareness OR Business Publicity Concepts

  • Quarterly Content Calendar template

  • One-on-one strategy call

Through an initial intake process, we establish your business goals and objectives for both productivity and communication.


We then work with you in our respective arenas, and wrap-up collectively.

Nurture + Elevate


Renske, Simple


  • A SIPOC Process map your companies core processes including the detailed process flows with recommendations € 800,-

  • 3 Intentional Productivity coaching calls € 850,-

  • Tools/systems advice, guidance & implementation € 500 +

  • Set up templates and automations € 500+

Visit Renske's Services page for more details.





Brand Storytelling:

    • Visual Design Concept (Brand Board, Public Communication Bundle: Media Kit, Portfolio, Sponsor/Sales Deck templates + Web Designer recommendations) - $2000+

    • Written Website Copy (can price for Public Communication Bundle, see above) - $1000+

  • Publicity Management, Networking + Representation - inquire about retainer rates based on goals

  • Communication building practices (Great for teams - individual personality profiling for better connectivity) - inquire about team session rates

  • One-on-One Virtual Coaching Sessions - $1200 for 4 quarterly calls.

Visit my Services page for more details. 

Additional Services Coming Soon

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