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The Presenter

The Rundown

The Presenter brings it all together. We focus on Storytelling for the Personal Brand. This is ideal for the Media Professional, Content Creator, Wellness Coach, Facilitator, or Ethical Entrepreneur looking to find confidence in their public presence to engage with their target audience for ongoing recognition. 

The primary outcome is a high-level Communication Strategy based on Personality Profiling and Goal recognition. This includes:

  • Brand Communication Dossier (a personality profile with your communication key points, brand keywords, content pillars, Emmagai, empathy map, 5 senses of expression, and communication plan)

  • Personal Brand aesthetic (brand board based on astrology, mood board)

  • Media Training (1:1 virtual coaching to build your presentation skills based on your goals - multi-accessible content focus)

  • An Action Plan for Content Producing or Publicity outreach for promotional opportunities.


I offer implementation (such as any graphic design work, like building promotional collateral, i.e., social post templates, media kit, and website banners) at an additional rate. I teach you autonomy through this process so that when you invest your faith in me, I give you the ability to complete various tasks yourself should you wish to. 

The Timeline

Month 1

Intuitive Communication Strategy Session


  • Personality Profile with defined communication pillars

  • A Personal Branding Strategy and how it compliments your business goals

  • Next Steps outlined for your business growth.

Month 2+3

Brand Design + Communication Strategy


  • Brand Board with a palette and fonts based on your personality (Works for rebranding as well)

  • Full Communication Strategy Dossier (extension of Brand Communication Dossier.)

Month 4

Media Training


  • 1:1 virtual coaching based on your content and communication goals

  • Whether you are shooting video, recording a podcast or need help determining your best angles, we will talk about multi-accessible content to appeal to your audience and define where you can evolve your presentation.

Investment: $4000

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