Passion + purpose

I offer unique and amplified services that go above and beyond traditional communication strategy and copywriting. I work with ethically-minded solopreneurs and small businesses, predominantly within holistic wellness and media.


My writing style is genuine and empathetic. I strive to be trauma-informed with a dash of charisma and humour.

Writing services



Hi, I'm Emma!

I am a Intuitive Communication Strategist.

I am an Idea Broker, an Opportunity Driver and a Connective Storyteller.

I help people find confidence in their authentic expression through building an empathetic connection, helping to build their psychological self-authority, and shifting their communication toward being mindful of their goals.


I bring years of experience as a Media Events Producer and am an Entrepreneurial Experimentalist. I freelanced and juggled gigs, opting for remote work before it was cool (and mandated.) Writing has always been the foundation of my experiences. My purpose is to empower others and cultivate their unique imprint on the world through communication. I have a diverse range of interests, ever-inquisitive, and I take a well-rounded approach to guiding clients and creating content that is true to their branding. I work best with holistic and creative do-gooders who embody a growth mindset.


How you present yourself is always evolving.



  • Intuitive Communication Strategy - Insight into your true authentic expression

  • Brand Storytelling - Publicity Management for Creatives looking to Scale their reach

  • Brand Design - Verbal + Visual Aesthetic for implementation

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Productivity + Communication Consultancy with Simple VBM


  • Blogging

  • Webpage Copy, SEO Optimized

  • Social Media Copy

  • Media Kits

  • Publicity Collateral

  • Marketing Content

  • Scriptwriting

  • Business Proposals

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  • Website Design

  • Virtual Event Producing

  • Grant Proposals


Humanized Content Made into Media Essentials.