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I offer unique and amplified services that go above and beyond traditional communication strategy and copywriting. I work with ethically-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders, predominantly within holistic wellness and media.


My writing and presentation style is genuine and empathetic. I strive to be trauma-informed with a dash of charisma and humour.



Hi, I'm Emma!

I am an Intuitive Communication Strategist.

I bring years of experience as a Media Events Producer and am an Entrepreneurial Experimentalist. I freelanced and juggled gigs, opting for remote work before it was cool (and mandated.) Writing has always been the foundation of my experiences. My purpose is to empower others and cultivate their unique imprint on the world through communication. I have a diverse range of interests, ever-inquisitive, and I take a well-rounded approach to guiding clients and creating content that is true to their branding. I work best with holistic and creative do-gooders who embody a growth mindset.


I am an Idea Broker,
an Opportunity Driver and a Connective Brand  Storyteller.

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How you present yourself is always evolving.

Time to answer the age old question:

And what is it that you do?

The truth is, I am a chameleon of sorts. I embody an enormous mixed bag of skills from years of autonomy and freelancing and am a self-motivated creative solopreneur with an insatiable curiosity.

I have crafted services with the foundation of multifaceted Communication Strategy from my personality, skills and experience. Under this EGOxLESS umbrella of Communication, I have divided my services (and digital products) into Brand Storytelling + Design, Writing, and Media Training and Publicity. All of which could be considered Marketing in it's various streams. Commencing work with personality profiling becomes the the source of the content produced. 


So can I do most things? Yes. Do I love challenges? Yes. Am I empathetic to your needs? Totally. I can be of service to my clients and curate work that is most beneficial to them because of all this candid approach.

Signature Offer Tiers

The Presenter

Let's package and present your excellence.

The Presenter brings it all together. We focus on Storytelling for the Personal Brand. This is ideal for the Media Professional, Content Creator, Wellness Coach, Facilitator, or Ethical Entrepreneur looking to find confidence in their public presence to engage with their target audience for ongoing recognition. 

Media Training

Need help gaining confidence in presenting yourself to the public?


Whether you are looking to become a public speaker, build your personal brand to benefit your business, or are a media professional whose used to being behind the camera, not in front of it, my Media Training sessions are geared toward helping you increase your confidence and present to your audience authentically.

Intuitive Communication Strategy Session

Idea generation at its finest. I focus on getting to know you and helping you build your personal brand to shine through in your business. We will discuss the types of content best suited for your promotion, matching it with the energy you can (and want) to give it.

My process blends my professional savvy, psychological observations, and a little bit of woo woo mixed into the potion. 


Humanized Content Made into Media Essentials.

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Canada based, International clients welcome!

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THE WHEEL is an entrepreneurial digital magazine with an astrological theme. For 12 issues, one for each zodiac sign, my contributors and I are focusing on each sign's archetypes and their placements and how this self-awareness can help entrepreneurs thrive. 

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