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Human Optimization

What do I want? My health. For me, at present, this translates to an infrared sauna blanket. *Hint, hint Santa!*

It doesn't mean being the best at all times because even a true master of their craft is humble and always learning.

Now, if you are like me, who sees life as a neverending rabbit hole of truth-seeking, you constantly straddle the line between inner fulfillment and wanting more to fit in with the status quo. I've come to realize that the cracks in my foundation have to be filled first, which made the term human optimization finally click for me in terms of resonance. Our society teaches us that a scarcity complex is standard, and this perpetuates a state of lack and like there is never enough. When you stop trying to cover the cracks and actually work to fill them in, you realize you have all the tools for success already at your disposal.

I've been shifting my mindset quite strategically and creating new neural pathways, particularly this past summer. I have had opportunities to grow and evolve immensely through new and deepened connections and tangible experiences. I have been able to find a lesson in every moment and begin to be gentler on myself. After "The Great Burnout of August 2021" and the many deeper-rooted things I uncovered, I finally shifted some things back to my default settings, and that is the best place to start on the optimizing process.

What does this mean in terms of EGOxLESS?

  • Working on projects I am passionate about and can evolve with

  • Collaborating with people who have a growth mindset

  • Being compensated justly for my work without guilt

  • Allowing fluidity to my services offered for my stimulation

  • Putting good into the world, flipping perspectives and kicking ass. You know the drill.

Burnout, I have realized, comes from our mindset, and though the ego tends to lead, when it holds onto unhealthy patterns, we are candle lit at both ends. We feel like we have to keep giving and going until we have nothing left in our tanks. That often daily stress, only to be justified by a brief recharge, where we still feel like we are not enough, is this daily process in our lifestyles.

Success comes from being of service and putting your magic into the world. To do this powerfully, you need to respect yourself first and be on the optimization train. That shift into receiving for reciprocity in all ways can be a scary one if you are just about anyone in our modern society. In my many ongoing epiphanies, I see the value in working on my mindset to optimize my other aspects, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Taking some time to have and work through perceived negative experiences such as burnout helped reveal patterns and find ways to calm my nervous system, ushering in a new way of thinking and releasing blockages.

So to no longer attempt to fit into a space too contained for me, it's stepping into that abyss of my true self and training my ego to know that everything will be alright and that I am cultivating success in all ways. I want my health and I grow from there daily. That way, I can be of (better) service, and that's what life's all about.

Want to work with me?

I am an Intuitive Storyteller who offers authentic writing services and creative content consultancy. As a copywriter and blogger with longstanding event and media producing experience, I have a hybrid of writing and content creation skills that incorporate publicity and marketing. If your brand has similar values to mine and you need help telling your story intuitively, let's talk! Connect with me today!

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