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We tend to live in a state of disconnect. Through unhealed trauma, we connect with others also in pain and project our problems onto one another. These traumas may be big or small, obvious, or seemingly unknown, but the numbness comes from our rejection of feeling through them.

We work jobs that offer little joy and live for the time we are not there, numbing ourselves with drugs, alcohol, and people who offer fake connectivity. Likely because they too are in a state of separatism from self. We stay close to things out of comfort, running away at the first sign of vulnerability. Staying in our lane and numbing ourselves through these mindless acts perpetuates what makes you feel dead inside. 

The pain points for myself where I felt no feeling or rather personally, it was that lack of understanding of how to feel was what I delved into over recent years. I could see things in myself and others that felt unnecessary. Easier said than done, now on the other side, but the continual work on self and the desire to improve for others is what eventually becomes easy. You find enjoyment in the balance of feeling everything and can take these little feats as an act of bravery.

When we are numb in whatever regard for whatever reason, the decision to face the reasons or uncover them, to begin with, is what I implore you to do. Fully embrace your human experience. Granted, I'm deep af, so I thrive in reveling in the pains that both made and broke me because I discovered the blissful outcome. 

You will strike a balance in yourself and feel more alive than ever. You will make choices that light up your heart, pique your specific intelligence and you will hold the greatest desire to show compassion to others. You will be happy and you will feel whole. At some point. I pinky promise.

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