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A Dream - Jay-Z Ft. The Notorious B.I.G. & Faith Evans

The start of the Jay-Z & Beyonce love story was with "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" on this album to when I began to romanticize that type of loyal partnership. 

Granted, over the years other stories from their lives have come to light, but the showcasing of unconditional love between this famous duo is where the respect lies for me. 

The double album, The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse is an ideal representation of the duality in life. A sequel of sorts to its predecessor, The Blueprint, which was likely the album that catapulted Jay-Z into the mainstream, making him a more transcendent rapper at the time, he was well aligned with different powerhouses, including the late great The Notorious B.I.G.

"A Dream" featuring Biggie Smalls and his wife Faith Evans is a story about a dream where Jay-Z speaks with his old friend in a sort of pep talk about originality and rising above. That is why this particular song and the meaning behind the album are up for discussion today. A take on the classic "Juicy" which I could recite entirely if you asked, and the reason why I hold onto a buffalo plaid button-up. 

Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack

With the hat to match 

An homage to Biggie with either an actual dream that transpired or the beautiful thought created about one, and a powerful lead-in to the album laced with great artists accompanying Jay-Z. Joining him on his musical journey representing the proverbial two-sided coin. The irony of his lyrics then, pre-retirement, (I remember that brief and scary moment in time,) to where he is now, his repertoire has been a fascinating depiction of life thus far. 

Today, the legendary hip-hop mogul, Jay-Z turns 51. Proof of his birth can be found on the Black Album with the song "December 4th." The background shade today is literally Jay-Z Blue. In 2007, GM created a special edition Denali for him and of course his daughter holds this very special moniker.

Through his artistry he has shared so much of his existence. He has had such a diversified and at times exalted existence. Influential and full of peak challenges to conquer, no wonder he understands the power he holds within himself. The impact of this line chosen, both brief and solid, and the lyrics from the conversation between the rappers in the dream that follows is the epitome of creating your life and being energetically charged in that knowing.

Jay-Z is an interesting human to study from so many angles. He's more than Beyonce's husband, he is of equal legendary status and has conquered so many things along the way. His music impacted hip-hop greatly, but the entire industry as a whole has shifted on more than one occasion because of his brilliance, tenacity and belief in himself.

Superficially, he has inspired me as of late to explore headbands, because today, at 51, Mr. Shawn Carter can wear pastels and look phenomenal or take us back to the Timberlands and jersey days for a little nostalgia. Who cares? He's Jay-Z.

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