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Absorbing Energy

As an empath, highly intuitive/sensitive person, however you identify, if your defenses are low, you are more at risk for taking on the identifications of others. If you do not classify yourself within these categories, it is still worth taking a look at how you interact with the world and what you have become susceptible to.

When I started to do this and aligned with experiences that misaligned me and caused me anxiety which I had never dealt with before, I realized how susceptible I was to the energy of others. Certain people, I can feel more than others, but if my guard is down I can take on and embody thoughts and actions that don't truly resonate with me. Now focusing on standing in my power, I have worked to eliminate things my life to live simply (and joyfully) and also to go back to the good old days when I only listened to myself and I'm usually right... For me.

I don't necessarily agree with how people treat themselves and others, but I also know it is not my job to make everyone feel better. With writing and sharing my thoughts in this manner, it allows people to take what resonates and we have the safety of the words between us.

I am happy and healthy with all that I have and though some negative memories still come back around from time to time, I am on the endless journey to eradicate them from my ego to hold space for understanding (though my ego forgets sometimes and goes off on a tangent) and forgiveness of self and others. Sometimes you have to go so far back to childhood to acknowledge someone or something that hurt your feelings and sent you on this unknowing course of self-destruction because it triggered something in your baby brain.

The energies that remain seemingly dormant within you (specifically within your nervous system) can hinder your everyday life without awareness and effort to remove them. We all take on things unknowingly at times, so it is a fascinating exploration of your interaction with the world, should you choose to accept the challenge.

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