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Alaska - Maggie Rogers

Alaska. The largest US state by area and the most sparsely populated state. Also the title of today's song by the lovely Maggie Rogers. 

Rogers feels like a throwback to a bygone era, yet she eclectically fuses electronic influences into her music that makes it fresh. If you head over to YouTube to search the story behind "Alaska" with Pharrell, it is a part of her story that adds to her almost mystical nature.

I chose "Alaska" for today's song following the discussion about wounded to healed femininity because the song came to me during my growth period, enlivened me, and again, there is something about Maggie Rogers. When I first heard the song and the whole album, I had it playing on repeat. 

I had long hair for many years. After a traumatic cut at the age of 10, I kept it at a decent ponytail length from that point forward. My hair is thick and has never been dyed except for the lightening from the summer sun. I was always blonde until it got darker, but now I can say it holds this chameleon-like quality, sometimes looking a (dark) blonde, sometimes skewing toward red and sometimes a beautiful golden hue. It is thick and wavy, but styles well. The point I am getting to is I love my hair and it has always been an identifiable part of me. 

They say that in our hair, we hold energy. So to cut it is a release of that old energy weighing you down. I always had this impression that long hair relates to your feminity and sexual appeal. I also believe that hair in all of its lovely forms or lack of, is one of those things we grasp onto or work to change depending on what we have been told by beauty standards. It seems like such a silly thing, so one day I cut my long hair. I felt so f*cking empowered. I mean, it was just above my shoulders, but still. The liberation I felt was immense. Next cut round, with one of my hair heroes in mind, I opted for a sleek banged bob, reminiscent of Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface. Just as when I release a written piece, I felt this energetic release from chopping off my locks. 

At present, I have my most well-known lion's mane going, a reference as we wrap up Leo season. Other hair heroes of mine, Diana Ross and SJP in Sex and the City taught me to appreciate the gorgeous natural wave I have and all of the volume. Yes, I love my hair.

I briefly considered moving to a monastery recently and then I realized I would have to shave my head completely. Even with a scar across my head and a dent upfront, maybe I would be okay with that. Weirdly these seemingly small acts of bravery can make you realize you can do anything, as you further your processing of detachment.

The beautiful and insightful lyrics of Maggie Rogers are the epitome of this loving freedom within one's self and releasing those external voices that you allow to define you. It is connecting to the roots buried deep where the trees continue to grow where you find yourself once more, an evolved version. 

Is this a tourism post for Alaska or a hair commercial? I could do both with a little reworking.

The point being is we have these connections with parts of ourselves which then get projected outward and we let these storylines define them. If we are continually finding ways to release old stagnant energy without distractions designed to hold us in place, we can explore and learn to love those spaces void of light between ourselves and others or simply with what we see in the mirror. 

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