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Energy Matching

Hi, I'm Emma, and I am building my business in line with my energetics and goals.

Energy Matching is a term I coined, or it's probably out there in the world already. It's the first time I haven't done extensive research on a topic for the sake of originality, and I am banking on my original thought.

Reciprocal engagement. Energy Matching is when your energetic output level is met with the same input level. What does this look like in terms of communication? Let's break it down with a few scenarios as an example.

The Client

A clear and positive line of communication is being delivered to the client. This is based on your expectations and the expertise they are paying for. You feel comfortable and confident in what you are providing them and the outcome of the final delivery. The client, in return, feeds off of your clarity and respects the parameters you have outlined for them. You are providing them with a sense of safety and trust.

You can create this by incorporating a few things into your business:

  • First and foremost, work on your messaging. This is an evolving practice, but consider it when building your roster, figuring out what works, and troubleshooting with sincerity. Thinking of the client experience, how does that look, sound, and feel?

  • You are confident in your pricing based on your USPs, skills, and experience. You overdeliver and have exemplary standards in your work.

  • Where applicable, you provide automated communication through emails, productivity platforms, etc. And whatever the final product is, you have a cohesive document or package that includes opportunities for future work together as required.

  • Always offer an open line of communication to the client and respectfully gauge their personality with the project. Nurturing relationships comes easier to some than others, so if this is of less pertinence to you, find ways through your initial documentation that you can provide security for them.

The Colleague or Collaborator

Depending on the hierarchy of the situation, the point of collaboration is to play to our strengths.

We can fall prey to energy matching in a negative sense. If someone else is complaining or in a bad mood, we can mirror them to express empathy. But this can also be considered assimilation. And here, we can lose our autonomic responses and hold proper boundaries. We then wonder why we brought our levels down to connect with someone. That is empathy's challenge: to stand our ground even if we are on a higher plane at that moment. We must reflect on our advantageous embodiment to bring someone up, not join them in the trenches. You have to learn what stories are and aren't yours.

A few general life notes on that note about navigating different personalities and what their motivations may be when connecting with you.

Be careful when weakness admires you.

It's not necessarily picking and choosing people but aligning with those who bring out the best in you. Not those who fill your voids but help you reframe your lack mentality. All of you.

Sometimes others aren't equipped to help you because they are not solutions-oriented. But maybe you initially bonded over positive or subtly negative similarities, which can result in a trauma bond. More often than not, these bonds outstay their welcome. Suppose you connect with someone over shared experiences bringing you pain and aren't highly self-aware of the delusionary aspects of this; toxic relationships form. You may think, "they understand me," but your truth and integrity are tested, and you may engage in unhealthy activities that further stunt your growth and healing process. This is arguably a part of maturation, but the effects can often permeate how we connect personally and professionally.

The negative patterns continue until you work to resolve them because you can identify your energy leaks and where you are being drained. Focusing on equality and reciprocation is crucial, and those who resonate with a stronger sense of empathy may have to work on changing their approach to selfishness and its meaning.


In reflecting on those experiences, you can objectively reflect on those connections and eventually detach from emotions. You can gauge your growth through this process when memories don't trigger a visceral reaction from you anymore.

Surround yourself with abundance in all forms.

Looking around who surrounds me now and where I have identified and stopped my energy leaks, I have a better radar for this. I am blessed to have people with whom I can ultimately be myself. I don't feel like I need my ego to protect me. There is an equal give and take, and I feel supported. We talk about our turning points candidly, with no hesitation or shame. Likewise, there isn't as much of a dive into complaining or doomsaying; and no avoidance of our projections. I have conversations that feel progressive and more aligned with reaching and achieving goals—action-oriented behaviors toward positive experiences. I focus on this energy to match with collaborators and clients with less lenience toward anything less.

I realize that maybe had we not met sooner, I wouldn't appreciate them as much because of the lessons I've had to reach this particular apex.

Whether it's shared interests, humor, or intelligence, the connection comes from their unbridled compassion for others and their confidence in themselves.

You Define Your Energetic Imprint

It takes a unique individual to actively listen to your pain unbiasedly and deliver a response that is a reflection rather than a direction. This skill correlates with emotional intelligence, and a consultant or a coach would offer the best service with this particular asset in a professional setting. Learning your own methodologies and how to communicate them best is a definitive asset. Connect with me for guidance on presenting this to your target audience.

Check out my goods!

I'm not one for a salesy CTA, but here are the links to my services, digital products, and THE WHEEL. I hang out on Instagram and LinkedIn the most when it comes to socials if you'd like to connect!

The Gemini issue of THE WHEEL is a great read to familiarize you with the dualistic twins of the zodiac. Clever and witty, the Mercurian ruled Gemini energy always has something to communicate. A buzzing mind that explores the polarities of life, knowing something about everything is this sign's gift!

*FUN FACT* I have my Moon, Mercury and Venus in the 7th house, so I love analyzing my emotions and talking about them in all types of relationships!

For more on how this astrological archetype affects you, check out THE WHEEL!

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