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Getting Into Flow State

Hi, I'm Emma, and I have an irresistible attraction to positive change. 

There are 744 hours in a 31-day month.

Let's break this down for proof of productivity and how that instigates our flow.

224 hours of sleep if you get a magical 8 hours nightly.

160 hours to represent the average 40 hour work week. Whether this is your business or a position you are in.

30 hours dedicated to working out and outdoor activities.

30 hours of eating, self-care, and other home responsibilities.

Basic life things, right?

That still leaves 300 hours in the month.

300 hours to create, plot, scheme, and work on all the other projects effectively while still countering in plenty of other moments.

When it is broken down this way, it gives a great perspective of the potential for optimal performance.

Do I think time is an illusion? At this point, yes. Do I think it should also be used wisely, and time wasters are around every corner? Sure. But we must come into our personal flow state to define our sense of productivity and alignment with our purpose.

How do we simplify seemingly overly complicated processes?

How do we bring joie de vivre to boring and mundane tasks?

How do we take an idea all the way through execution and completion?

These questions spark individual responses that would surely highlight the inherent differences in our brain's wiring. In childhood, many of us were put on some sort of schedule to eat, sleep and learn at the convenience of adults. This is normal, but it is a one size fits all approach, which can hinder or limit our unique imprinting on the world. Furthermore, it takes us out of our energetic flow, thus removing us from our natural state.

Flow State

A term creatives use when they are "in the zone." It's where focus and ideas come together, and work gets done. There are several different methodologies to get into a flow state, but to initiate it within yourself, free of substance aides, for example, or a meditative practice, is to simply respect your own damn flow.

As someone who relies on heavy introspection to move in the world, I have realized that efforts to make things work for everyone should not have been my goal. Much like in childhood, trying and appeasing everyone with very general offers and regiment is reliable. Knowing how others operate inherently paired with their conditioning has become an excellent methodology I instill into my work and with others, not for appeasement but rather to help us work cohesively as individuals and be proud of the things we subdued to fit in.

The magic definition of being in a flow state is you are in your version of productivity, promoting the idea of balance for optimal functionality. You may be working an 8-hour day, but you are operating to the best ability and treating yourself according to your energy levels. In Human Design, another tool I use with clients, we can see how our energy flows based on our channels as individuals and the gates (some call them gifts) we embody. Working with what comes naturally instead of adhering to the restrictions of others is the dream, but also the challenge to reset ourselves back to the basics. However, this ability to work from our core operating system leads to a flow state. Along with inspiration, of course.

Here is the equation for getting into a flow state once you've outlined some of your primary energetic details:

Stop Thinking

Start doing. Obviously, but more specifically, when I am in a flow state, I have a concept or an inspiration, and things just drop into my brain. I'm not thinking about it; it's just intuitive. These ideas translate to writing, plans, other creative endeavors, etc. So it technically bypasses your conscious thoughts.


Inspired Action

Once something has dropped into your brain, you can translate it to the appropriate medium. Taking action on an idea is crucial because many become stagnant here and procrastinate. There are several potential reasons, such as fear of the concept being too great or too small, the associated judgment, or maybe even the effort required to see the idea all the way through. Freezing in the idea phase and not taking action is a disservice to your soul. I said it.

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