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Facing Pain

People don't realize how much they have hurt you. 

Especially when they are in a state of suffering themselves. There is a level of integrity that seems to be amiss because people seem to think that suffrage is a natural state to be in. 

It is a common thought that you have to suck it up and move on, but suppression or acting out is not exactly the way to inner peace. 

It does not help to contribute further to their pains, yet you are entitled to speak your truth. 

However, it is worth sitting on it. Literally as in meditating or just sit in the squalor that is your emotions. Work through it. All of it. Whenever it arises. 

We cannot suppress our pain forever and it causes the patterns to recur as we continue to let it fester, hurting ourselves and others. I have found even more strength within myself as I decipher every aspect of things, but then again, I am an alien. I revel in the discovery of self and I don't like doing things that hold malicious intent.

It is your responsibility to either tread lightly and promote compassion or be a regular grade a-asshole. If you feel that it is unfair that others have hurt you, take into consideration that it is you now reflecting that energy onto others. The whole mirroring thing is humbling.

I see the past afflictions of others whenever my ego decides to take a little road trip and drive through my day. I have to release that anger, sadness, frustration, and straight-up disappointment. But I can just as easily see the perspective of others in those times. I consider my ability to psychoanalyze as a superpower. 

For me, when the rage bubbles up inside me, I work through it by feeling it, and then I can understand their actions as we all project our internal feelings of self onto others. So I can see right through things with more compassion and a level of humor because the things people say and do are hilarious! 

With that being said, the pain needs to be acknowledged, released (safely) then redirected toward better opportunities. Since I am someone that cannot compartmentalize, I have come to appreciate dealing with things as they arise, allowing my daily practices to help me. 

I have had a solid workout regimen for years, so this respect for my physicality has helped me immensely. Even if I am trying to find logic in my emotions as is most often the case, I can literally work them out. I have this newfound closeness between my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies, with that focus on connectivity. 

Everything I do now is all in. Every practice requires all of me. 

That connectivity has helped me not only become stronger but to experience life in a fuller capacity. When you find full alignment, regardless of what transpires, you feel present and hold a better comprehension of the hows and whys.

The truth is we all get butthurt by the actions of others, whether they hold an awareness of it or not. Usually, they are just a representation of the deeper hurt within you and they stir it up. The further you examine things and can equate adult issues to childhood ones helps infinitely. 

We all go through shocking changes in our lives that threaten our entire comprehension of existence. But if we do not confront the triggers, that is exactly what they will always be. We owe it to ourselves and others to stop perpetuating painful cycles. 

I think the truth is people don't always want to see you win. Maybe you represent something they lost at in life or rather gave up on.

Maybe they want you to be something for them or to fill a void within them that is not your burden or wound to carry. It's the identification and compassion toward this that helps alleviate your illogical responsibility toward it.

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