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Fall in Love with Failure

Hi, I'm Emma, and I have a hot take. Our success is built on failure.

It is crucial to learn how to tell hard stories and have them land with your audience. It would be best if you told them with empathy and grace, yet also in the least biased way impossible. The Hero's Journey has a lot of steps to it, and failure is a natural part of the process. The failures we see on our paths tend to be the most challenging for us to share effectively. The goal is to do the hard things and share them in a way that resonates and impacts someone toward action, not complacency.

"Doing hard things with intent is prepping for the unknown." - James Lawrence, "The Iron Cowboy," Triathlete.

The mindset of an endurance athlete is perhaps the best example of pushing past our perceived failures toward success. The ability to endure is an attribute of strength in the human condition. However, in that endurance, you must learn to:

  • Pivot.

  • Accept Help.

  • Push your limits and surprise (and impress) yourself.

  • Live from the state of solution.

I have repeatedly failed over the years, and I take the bullet-pointed lessons from above as my growth indicators. The point of failure is to show us how we can adapt, evolve, and still reach our desired outcome. But in the society of settling, many dreams die, souls are crushed, and misery becomes us. You know, the fun stuff we grow up and learn and think that "acceptance" is giving up. By learning to see my Hero's Journey and define my failures as part of my success, finessing them to share publicly became my golden ticket and my personal liberation.

Being solutions oriented is how we reach our goals, and priming our mind for this can be the most significant challenge, cause you know, life can be tricky. But when you are in this positively focused state, you can constantly adapt and thrive, not struggle to survive.

Recognize your patterns then eradicate them.

We always talk from the place where our growth has halted. Repeating stories in our heads or said aloud for further confirmation keeps our failures in the negative. But in truth, failure is a redirection. You must pump some sunshine up your posterior chain and keep going in a renewed direction. You may be on the right path, but maybe in the wrong circumstances.

What do you do when you start to recognize a pattern? Your conditioning gears you toward repeated and perpetual failure unless you try to change it. I am beginning to believe that self-awareness needs to be taught, where we learn to catch our failure-focused patterns and habitually change them with regularity. Because many, myself included at times, often only look at life through the lens of lack instead of wholeness. Identifying the patterns created by our conditioning is the first step. Question the hows and whys and what is the origin story of this failure that is anchoring you in stagnancy.

Failure isn't simply just learning that something isn't meant to be. We are driven toward this person, place, or thing for a reason, and often it's egoically based, a continuing unhealthy pattern for survival, likely more fear-based than love. Everything is destiny; however, if you understand how your cognitive functioning sends you in that direction. Ask yourself why.

Disconnect is the recognition of delusion.

The biggest problem we all face is our perceptions cultivated from our conditioning. It is derived from childhood, traumas, our interests, etc. It is so tough that many people accept things as they are and fail to pursue their optimization. They sit back, sometimes even knowing their issues, but think things are so impossible that it's not even worth the 'hassle.' The most formidable challenge is learning to undo what is ingrained in our operating systems. This is our delusion and where we are disconnected from our success.

Imagine your mind is like a motherboard, and all the wires are crossed. You keep doing the same things and expect a different outcome. The job or the partner or friend is different, but you keep running into the same malfunction. You are not going deep enough, and perhaps you're too scared. You are putting a band-aid on the superficial wound, blaming outwardly and leaving a path of destruction in your wake or something to that extent of volatility. The band-aid size can range from small to large, but the sentiment remains the same.

Hi, I'm your intuition. Please get to the point of believing that your ongoing, annoying, carbon copy experiences are the lesson you need to accept in their totality. It's that bravery to explore this and uncross your wires where you will find growth. When you comprehend this, that little voice in your head you ignored for so long won't seem so pesky.

More becomes possible as you continue to evolve and learn and continue to show up.

This is how we tell our stories. Here, we find inspiration, camaraderie, and solace in our adventures. Our uniqueness and sense of self make us stand out, but our ability to connect through experiences helps us identify with our audience. The person with the most failure and the most fortitude has the best storyline toward their vision of success. Connect with me if you need help telling your hard stories and redefining your failures.

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