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Flexibility is Certainty

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Hi, I'm Emma, and I offer an expansive way of thinking.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Well, coolness is something innate. It's in your bones.

Beauty can be bottled up and sold as a quick-fix elixir to your audience. While coolness can transcend beauty because it has nothing to do with anyone or anything other than who you are—your energetic essence.

What are some key indicators of coolness? Certainty because it exudes charismatic confidence. Flexibility because it proves that you can pivot and evolve effortlessly, thus inspiring others. Ideally, this is you, your brand, and everything you do.

Healthy ego assertion means you have found a balance to your extremes and respect for them, so they can no longer control the moves you make anymore. With an innate curiosity, you can willingly tap into these extremes as a way to expand your level of consciousness and how you perceive circumstances. These lessons are how we can not only tap into our purpose but be of service to others and make a positive impact. This is cool.

The modern world promotes security yet constantly heaves lunacy toward the global population, leaving that underlying anxiety to fester and slowly but surely take us all down. To learn to be more flexible in terms of how you operate and communicate is how you cultivate your own internal sense of certainty. This practice takes effort to get to and find confidence in. We can find this certainty that is solely ours through work and other physiological methods.

Granted, some personalities are more adaptive than others. I have more of a mutable approach, though I can present more dominantly at times, so I am willing to see both sides of a situation and thoughtfully land somewhere in the middle. This could be viewed as empathy but also, at times, enablement, so learning just how flexible I want to be has been a vital lesson.


The trick to being certain and still flexible is to create a place of neutrality in communication. As best you can, cultivating calm is how you can respectfully manage a situation. We often mirror one another through our cadence, tone of voice, body language, etc. If you are in a heightened emotional state internally, good or bad, that will likely translate into your communications.

If pain and pleasure are on opposing sides of the spectrum, wouldn't the logic be to experience and review the pain to have more joy in your life? I mean, I think the BDSM community gets it. In efforts to suppress the discomfort, such as nervousness, we only breed more of what we don't want, which becomes the monotonous loop we settle into, consistently in a mindset that disappoints us.

An effective launching pad for this neutrality where you are sure is to face your fears and look beyond the obvious. What little daily moments still make you (irrationally) nervous? Overcoming these seemingly small things add up to so much certainty. Once you conquer these things, you can become more adaptive because they don't bother you anymore and don't have ties to your identity or validation.

We must learn to revel in the uncertainty, all while being entirely and purely driven in our intent toward what we want to unfold. This paradoxical concept is the pinnacle of understanding, and the more I lean into anything deemed painful, the more results I see. Therefore I am less bothered, so my flexibility increases.

It takes bravery to go for whatever your perception of greatness is, but it does not come without a struggle and ultimately determining your why. Every rebel has a cause, and they are certain but flexible because they know that expansive thoughts and actions will lead them to success. That is the coolness that resides in your bones.

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