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Focus - H.E.R.

When I was younger, pre-teen, I had a desire to play the harp. I went to a woman's home and discussed the possibility of lessons. When we found out the price tag of a small harp, and that I would have to keep my fingernails short, the dream dissolved. See, I already had an ongoing war with my piano teacher about the length of my nails, so that was the final determiner in the situation. 

When I hear a song integrating the harp, it takes me off to this place of beauty. Focus, by H.E.R., has been on repeat for me as of late. 

I fell in love with H.E.R. after her Grammy's performance of "Hard Place." From there, I dove headfirst into her albums. I flow with her voice, lyrics, and instrumentals, finding them to be representative of calm feminity. The temperament of H.E.R. brings me a sense of peace and understanding. 

Her musical influences are prevalent in her music, though she has a distinctive style. She reminds me to go back and listen to the music I grew up on and brings that to the current climate we are living in. Also, I have a newfound appreciation for acoustic songs that I may previously have brushed past for the more produced pieces on albums.

"Focus," dominates my mind with the harp influence, but in its lyrics, it is also a reminder to give more attention to the simple joys in life. As someone who can either be hyperfocused or all over the place, I can attest to that desire to have that attention given or received. It is the intention of the focus you give to something or someone that makes it special. Sometimes people play with this desire we all have to have that focus and it's an unfortunate egoic game played. Through H.E.R.'s repertoire, there is a song for every mood, but the authenticity shines through, making her artistry far more appealing to me than most.

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