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Getting out of the Burnout Cycle

Hi, I'm Emma, and I am good at ruminating and eventually taking action.

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Our modern society is all about this goal-oriented hustling to achieve some status. As a result of the overwhelming pressures, whether external or self-imposed, we create an unhealthy dynamic for ourselves.

Regardless of how you experience burnout or where it originated, you can trace its roots back to your neural wiring. How do you handle stress, and what triggers it for you?

In my experience, I have always been a highly creative person; I generate ideas. I also, as a positive, can be organized and complete tasks. But I often felt overwhelmed with duties that weighed me down simply because I was capable. Working on multiple projects at once personally or being that support system for others going through hard times, I got used to that burnout cycle. Recently, as I have been working to streamline my life in many ways, I acknowledged that the stress I was feeling came from a critical factor. I have often had a hard time turning thoughts into action.

Why? I'm all about ideas. I can connect things and find the reasoning in most scenarios well beyond anyone else. If you spark my creativity, I can develop many magical concepts for you. But in the excitement, the to-do list builds that I meditate on instead of crossing items off. There are two variables here. One is that I have always had trouble monetizing my ideas in a professional setting. However, they are well received, and the other is that as an independent worker, I feel like I have to do everything myself.

I experience burnout because I am inspired to do all these great things, but the overwhelm comes from thinking I have to do everything independently. This comes from mistrust in others built up over the years and lacking boundaries for taking more on than necessary. In reviewing control issues and people-pleasing, burnout often comes from the original point of thinking there is something to prove. It's the worry of letting others down or being pressured beyond your current capacity. These experiences I can look back to as great lessons that helped me level up and prove myself. The lesson was that my opinion was the only one that truly mattered in the end.

Turning thoughts into action has been under review as I have realized the mental stress I impose upon myself instead of chipping away at that to-do list. Here are some tools I have been implementing with great success lately.

Join a Networking Group

Not just for professionals, but if you are a new parent feeling burnt out or a student overwhelmed, there are community-minded groups to participate in. Find something relatable to your scenario. Just talking with others helps, as does being open to their perspectives. It can also help you realize you are not alone; from a professional standpoint, you may find others with whom you can collaborate.


I always prioritize exercise within my schedule because it is a valuable outlet for me and my pent-up energy. I often exercise to the point of burnout, but I leverage the other stressors in my life in this scenario. When running, for example, I can take a lot of those ideas swirling around in my head and give them (literally) legs. Taking this time to connect my mind and body helps me refocus and get out of my head.

Have Your Non-Negotiables

Whether you are a disciplined routine person or a free-flowing, take-life-as-it-comes kind of person, I fall somewhere in the middle, have your non-negotiables. Taking a break from the ruminating thoughts and redirecting the focus to a non-negotiable for some time (even if it is a planned time in your schedule) is crucial. These activities or practices will help you combat burnout and turn it to work in your favor.

Pick three non-negotiables you must incorporate into your day/week/month. These are your actions. These are the movements that you can use to ground your thoughts. My list includes physical activity, creativity, and self-care, all of which I can redirect my thoughts into.

I am finding ways to automate, prioritize and take action on tasks, which helped reduce the burnout opportunity. A bonus tip is cutting any dead weight and seeking help from those you can learn from. I see the most value in going by instinct and trusting my authority.

Do you need guidance with your Communication Style to Reduce the chances of Burnout?

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