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respect Your USPs

Hi, I'm Emma, and I remind you to take responsibility for your power.

Consider polling your loved ones, and ask them to describe you in a few words. What is your projection on the world, and how do different parties perceive you? I recently asked a friend to describe me in 5 words.

They said: Motivated, Smart, Caring, Beautiful, Curious. I will take it.

To know who you are, warts and all, is to confidently place yourself at the forefront of everything you do.

My individuality shone through while building my branding and associated content over the years. Often in ways, I didn't even realize when I received feedback. But the challenge remained, how do I sell my uniqueness? How do we navigate the good health of the ego to find our USPs and let them shine?

I found the answer in helping others do the same, which is my brand's foundation of empathy and authenticity. Given my particular skill set within the creativity and communication bubbles, I found that my niche is X, but really, I am the niche because I can recite the whole alphabet.

Some of us cannot fit into a box, but we must still learn to express our differences confidently. In truth, those are our unique qualities, and this may seem counterintuitive. But think about it. Dreams are made of self-liberation and generating funny money from our truth. But that's not been the average education received. We are conditioned to fit in and stifle ourselves to survive. Thriving is the opposite of surviving, an energy that feels much better. So identifying our unique selling propositions almost entirely separate from our products or services is vital to our business's success and our self-preservation.

The more we delve into our individual spectrums (including the covered-up and untapped parts of ourselves that lurk in the shadows,) the more we have to share that will resonate with our target audience. The irony of the box metaphor is questioning what the size of yours is. What was packed in there with you, was there bubble wrap or those styrofoam popcorn pieces? The jumble we can get into by opting for ignorance is where we lose clarity and settle for being a boring clone to the next person we may not even respect or admire. You don't have to compete or try to stand out if you are shining brightly as your brilliant self.

Self-awareness is the acceptance of life's ebbs and flows; candidly telling your story as it unfolds cultivates connectivity and support. It lies in your vulnerability and genuine openness, not the snippets you show people to obtain attention. You can only be the victim (in most cases) if you choose that role. Furthermore, to master yourself is to master your traumas and outdated conditioning, only to reveal your true worth and strength. And if it's a cardboard box you've been living in, it will eventually disintegrate.

A great self-exercise is asking what your personal "content pillars" are and what aspects of your personality you want to showcase through your work. Not just the typical sales, educational, anecdotal, etc. But what are your USPs that will draw in an audience? I create these types of content pillars when working on a communication strategy with clients. I identify their USPs by reviewing their personality details, propelling them to find more confidence in their self-expression designed to sell products or services.

Sometimes when we discover or rediscover parts of ourselves, we must determine how to bring them together. With this understanding of the reclamation of our missing pieces, we also need help getting it all back together—thats where our individuality meets camaraderie.

The more we explore our innate qualities and take ownership of the truth that resonates with us, the less we feel guilt, shame, etc., and we can let our freak flags fly. Getting to our core USPs and how they further define what we promote to the world is like the gateway to heaven because we can release our inhibitions and be free.

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I'm not one for a salesy CTA, but here are the links to my services, digital products, and THE WHEEL. I hang out on Instagram and LinkedIn the most when it comes to socials if you'd like to connect!

The Aquarius issue of THE WHEEL is a great read to familiarize you with marrying individuality for notoriety with how you can connect with your desired target audience. Innovative and caring, Aquarian energy is all about how we progress collectively for the greater good.

For more on how this astrological archetype affects you, check out THE WHEEL! 

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