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How to Market Compassion

Hi, I'm Emma, and I am learning to market compassion by starting with myself.

I had always worried about the perception of malice others might take away from my content or that it is for a purely egoic desire for attention. With my growing confidence to build a business on my USPs and personalized content pillars, I can firmly say I know how to market sincerity. My energetic resonance sells, not trying to present in a particular way or trying not to emulate those I have learned the harsh lessons from over time. I questioned my sincerity as I initially used my blog for catharsis; analyzing emotions is my strength and a trademark quality. I reached the point of liberation by learning my authentic presence and weaving all my threads into a beautiful and colorful tapestry.

But then the next question for anyone with altruistic tendencies would be, "how do you market sincerity?" Because you still have to generate revenue, and that niceness I had over the years often hindered the growth of my money tree. Likewise, as someone who came up in the media industry, anyone who is creatively driven, even if you also have a solid logical presence, will recall that before the creator economy revolution, sh*t was hard for creatives, and respect wasn't always readily offered.

As I attempt to become a polymath, my natural inclination toward independence and insatiable curiosity support this goal, as does my professional history. I had streamlined within an industry or a niche, but I have also always been expansive in my thoughts. These qualities led me to be self-taught with many things due to interest or out of necessity.

This interesting paradigm in my life makes me technically a highly sought-after specialist, and I should be confident in my high value. However, being hard on myself became easy. A point to be made is to speak to only what you know because you worked through it yourself. Listen to only those you respect because many hypocrites go unnoticed by the unassuming eye.

From a young age, I knew I had a unique path compared to my counterparts and what I wanted to do professionally. As I matured and had perceived success by reaching a certain pinnacle early on, does not mean it brought me all the joy I thought it would. As noted above, this led to this assertion of becoming a polymath because I took on so many different facets of projects over the years. Also, I thought the compassion I was seeking would be matched with what I gave to others. The instinctual knowing I have (now) about people is how their fallacies can hinder you if you are too caring simply because you understand the story they tell and emotionally resonate with it.

The error in judgment by not the storyteller but rather the listener (me) was because I thought I had to make everything better for whomever. I am empathetic and highly capable; therefore, I can make it all better. Or, selfishly, I felt like they were offering me the elusive golden ticket, which now can be translated to fulfillment. However, those little moments of sharing where something I shared was evocative and soothing to their souls, where I could flex my empathy muscle, became the noted fulfillment indicator.

Opening up about your journey is a different beast, which is likely better serve your network from whom you seek support. So, when we share our anecdotal stories to showcase our expertise to our audience and try to bond, perhaps it is wise to operate from your lessons learned and reserve those in progress for when you reach that magical pinnacle with them. This evokes compassion because it reminds you of your growth and allows you to flaunt it. You will appear more trustworthy to your audience without losing your humility in your authority.

We put so much pressure on ourselves for success but do not question whether these unforeseen goals will fulfill us. As you attain your perception of success, ask yourself often whether or not this feels good (like you thought it would.) Using content as your primary communication strategy and social media as a marketing and publicity tool is a cause for concern because there is so much contradictory noise. But those who operate from their authority also have compassion for themselves and others. They share their lessons learned as they have conquered them, which exudes confidence and clarity, thus promoting integrity and intrigue. Contribute gracefully.

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