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Lessons I Didn't Realize I Needed to Learn (Likely Vol. 1)

Lessons I didn't realize I needed to learn:

1. Self-love - appreciating both my mental and emotional intelligence equally.

2. My degree of empathy and how the energies of others affect me.

3. Less judgment, more compassion, but that does not mean sacrificing my sense of self and integrity to do things and operate in a lower capacity than what I am meant for.

4. My heart is so resilient and I hold a greater capacity for love. I believe in a number of chances, but I also know through self-work that my boundaries are stronger so those multiple chances don't matter anymore because if you want to share my energy, you will act accordingly.

5. My integrity above all else is what I hold closest to my heart. I do not and will not ever again intend to lower my standards for others. Anxiety only ever occurred for me when I was positioning myself in a place where I did not belong, no matter what the motives.

6. Love is not a compromise, nor a sacrifice.

7. The mind is indeed a battlefield. But through extensive dedication and work, you can control it and offer up the best of thoughts to create your dream reality.

8. In continuation, the mind is incredibly powerful. Use it as a tool and keep it healthy and sharp. I have manifested my greatest dreams come true and my worst nightmares through excessive ruminating energy built up in the mind. Sometimes those experiences are meant to occur so that you can learn this key factor in the game of life.

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