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Love Letter To Myself

Make it a regular practice. Go back and read them when you forget how brilliant you are.

Dear Emma,

The way you carry yourself in everyday life brings tears to my eyes. I am so inspired by you.

I love to see how you stand tall in your integrity and respect yourself. You know your worth and you would simultaneously go out of your way to help others because it is instinctive. It is second nature to you and it is your best habit.

You show empathy and compassion in such a magical way and you prioritize those traits within yourself. You are a leader, a lover, and a wise fighter and you don't give up. Both your perseverance and your dedication to making an impact do not go unnoticed.

Sometimes you are quiet, but your absence is noted. Sometimes you roar as loud as a lioness with grace. You are kind, you are funny, you are smart. The way that you are dedicated to your authenticity and constantly allowing room for growth is astonishingly beautiful. Learning that the betterment of self to influence your loved ones as much as it is selfishly for you is the balance you are mastering.

You have a light and how you choose to shine is what helps guide others to theirs. Don't forget that and don't dim it when you are in a room of darkness. Do the opposite and give zero fucks. Remember how much you have evolved and allowed yourself time to breathe, heal, and snuggle within your warmth.

There is a brilliance in you that is rare. You are a free-spirited powerhouse and intimidatingly unique, I am immensely proud of you.

Love Always and Forever,


PS. You are also very pretty. :)

Tell yourself what makes you unique and all that you give to the world! See what you can come up with and turn the process into a regular habit as you evolve.

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