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Procrastination is Effortless

Ahhh procrastination. One of my best skills. To generate a brilliant idea generator than to sit on it and leave it unfinished is a great thing to do. 

I certainly hope my sarcasm precedes me as much as my compassion and interest in the human condition. 

I have had well over a hundred ideas sitting between my desktop, online drive, backend of my blog and my beloved Google Keep for quite some time. Half-completed pieces written for catharsis then left to fester in the back of my mind for quite some time. The Pattern app says I'm Independent but Scattered. It rings true as I look around at my other craft projects also half-done. 

It's not always the lack of focus, but it is the continual brain processing I suffer from. My brain does not stop. The work I have done to move out of ruminating thoughts has allowed the ideas to keep evolving and grow with me, so the procrastination with my writing, in particular, can also be a testament to the growth I have experienced. 

It is so easy to procrastinate. To leave things in a state of limbo. Feelings, pain, and crafts all can easily be pushed to the back of your mind for a later date. Super healthy. 

In addition to the Independent but Scattered side of me, I have a drive and determination. A force that some may find annoying perhaps. But when I know, I bloody well know. My intuition, claircognizance kicks in. I can keep a routine when it comes to things that empower me, such as my fitness. Borderline obsessive, but it is where I channel that dominant energy (most of the time.) So I have been working on taking that drive and focusing it on my writing and eventually those unfinished crafts I will circle back to when inspiration strikes. I always do.

It is a distractive tool to deter us from our path. I procrastinate primarily on the things that I find fulfillment from, but I also understand that I need to keep striving for balance to avoid burnout which also has me leaning toward the mastered practice. 

As I further evolve my emotional intelligence and try to marry it with the varied aspects of my mind, I can be laxer in the goals I set for myself and work with the flow of self. This helps to alleviate the procrastination and I can look back to see how far I have come. Throwing all these thoughts and feelings out to the world after years of perceived procrastination of my writing goals is a prime example of the detriment we can cause ourselves. But I'm here and I have already come so far, so I can practice that gratitude toward my efforts, even if at times they are sabotaging. 

I don't like easy. I like challenges, otherwise I grow bored. What I love more is conquering the challenges and making them easy afterward. So if I can remember this prideful tendency I have and how much stronger I am after working through whatever it is that I am procrastinating on or with, I can make that the new perception of effortless.

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