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Stop - The Spice Girls

That's right. #girlpower

I wrote this piece about being an OG Emma a couple of months back. Baby Spice can relate. It reminded me of my love for The Spice Girls and I had to pick a song to experience here.

"Stop" off of their album, Spice World, the second track I believe, is the chosen classic for the day. Do I remember the dance? Of course.

I chose this also as a shoutout to my friends whom I dressed up as the Spice Girls with (I was Ginger) on Hallowe'en, just a few, twenty, years ago.

The chorus holds a presence reminder. Slow down and take the time to focus on intimacy and closeness in whatever the scenario. We forget to take that time in a world of impatience amidst the uncertainty. Closeness seems to become an act of bravery, to be in that state of vulnerability. 

Instead of looking around for the shiny and new, we as a consumptive culture can take a zen-like approach to all aspects of life. The emphasis on this quick movement without resolution is an inherent problem in our society. 

2020 has been a year for us all to sit down and reflect instead of finding opportunities for distraction. As I have made headway in new endeavors, I respect that they are rooted in years of growth, interest, and that desire to focus on an offering to give to the world. Finding my purpose and how to share it. It's been the revelations from childhood that have helped me gain the momentum to move forward fearlessly. 

The Spice Girls, a large part of my youth have reminded me not only of girl power but as I reflected in my Medium piece, we are all multifaceted beings who do not need to conform to a singular stereotype. Each Spice Girl over the years has proven that, though they were initially boxed into a particular archetype to give their fans someone to resonate with. I can relate to each Spice Girl depending on my mood because I have taken that time to slow down and determine the beauty in my eclectic mixed bag of interests and personality traits.

Finally, it is the desire for closeness and intimacy and figuring out how that pertains to you at this time. Have you been able to find that during this time? 2020 has been the year for me to develop deeper bonds with those I love, whether in person or not. It's been about reconnection and appreciation of those who reside in my heart. Regardless of the reciprocation, I blast out the love because we always need that. It's not just a "let's reach the ultimate dissolution of our modern society" sort of thing. 

So, to Baby, Ginger, Posh, Scary, and Sporty, I love you all. 

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