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Summertime Magic - Childish Gambino

I have had to remind myself we still have all of August to enjoy. The cool breeze starting to trickle through the trees and caressing my skin is just enough to have me dreaming of sweater weather. Don't get me wrong, I am a proud summer baby and I have managed to build up a sweet runner's tan. In comparison to the traditional farmer's tan, the lines are defined by my racerback tanks.

Perhaps it is because my song of summer was also my song of spring and I truthfully started playing it repetitively in winter. Thanks to Amazon Prime for my 30-day free trial, I watched the gorgeous Guava Island. If you are a film nerd like myself and can delight in the ecstasy of cinema magic created by the marriage between the cinematography and musical score, this is a winner. 

Though Guava Island is a stand-alone feature film it is conceptually reminiscent of Kanye West's Runaway or Beyonce's Lemonade, both classified as musical short films to be technical. The story follows Deni, a dreamer who lives in a fictional oppressed land in the West Indies. His decision to follow his heart and bring joy to the people through his music regardless of the repercussions allows the story to unfold. "This Is America," the most prominent single was reimagined for the film along with "Feels Like Summer" and "Summertime Magic" (released on my birthday, fun fact) originating from the Summer Pack. 

At the point of watching the film, I almost could relate my personal feelings to the film How Stella Got Her Groove Back, but maybe that is just the island vibes I am connecting to. I was truly at a heart level reclaiming my brilliance and stepping into my full power and continue to flourish. The song immediately makes me smile and start to connect within my physicality.

I grew up with West Indian friends, so the sound of the steel drum is soothing to me. Their open-hearted and familial nature along with the passion for life is evident. To elaborate on how the story unfolds in the film without spoiling it, the character of Deni fights for that passionate way of being. It aligns with the liberatory place I am in and this continual exploration of finding balance in the dualities I embody. The film itself is chock full of these references, but ultimately it's about choosing love. 

Sometimes our vices are the lies that we tell ourselves and for a long time, there were aspects of myself that I had longheld reservations over. This song is a reminder to me that I am magic in the summertime and all year round. Take a look at these lines within the (Do love me, do love me, do) chorus: 

*I love you*

*Put no one else above you*

*Your style, your braids, your eyes*

*All I wanna do is let you shine*

Listen to the song and look at yourself in the mirror for some mantras, I guess while braiding your hair. Someone could sing this to you but you could also cut out the labor costs and sing it to your damn self.

"Summertime Magic," along with the other songs featured in Guava Island are a great accompaniment to the rest of your August and when you need a thought-provoking pick-me-up, always go Childish Gambino. Plus, did I just glaze over the fact that Rihanna is in the film to? Important point.

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