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Symphonies (Remix) Dan Black Ft. Kid Cudi

Do we remember How to Make It in America on HBO? Only 2 seasons aired, unfortunately. I remember thinking this show was so cool and it was. Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi was a cast member along with Bryan Greenberg, Victor Rasuk, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Lake Bell. And how can we forget legendary character actor Luis Guzman, whom I first encountered on another HBO series, Oz. I watched it at a very impressionable age. 

Why would I need to know how to whittle a shank from my toothbrush?  

Anyway, this song is off the show's soundtrack and features Kid Cudi, and spearheaded by British singer Dan Black. The song refers to those moments of boredom or feelings of desolation in life. You know there is more, but you are not seeing it in your reality. The power that our minds have to essentially make or break us is astonishing. 

I have realized that those moments of boredom hold inherent value. But for so long I always yearned for more that was reflective of all the wild dreams I held in my mind. The flipside of that is if your ego is seeking the contentment, those dreams may not be all you thought they'd be. It was learning the appreciation of all experiences, good, bad, and straight-up boring that has brought me this deeper awareness.

The more we learn ourselves and find allies in our growth, the more we can appreciate even the mundane that can depress us. Being hyperaware of the hows and whys of these thoughts and feelings has aided in this feeling which still shows up for me sometimes. Going back to songs like Symphonies with these covert lyrics that aside from flowing together quite nicely are very esoteric in delivery, it's funny to resonate with different aspects at different times in your life.

Some people were born inherently happy and full of constant joy; I don't get that. There are way too many things to trudge through, and now that I take action to face them, I am happier with my present reality. It is the comprehension of the buildups in our egos that bring us to this place of boredom or lack of appreciation for the present moment, whatever that may be. On one hand, the song could reflect that state of yearning derived from boredom or on the other, like the lyrics I chose for the graphic, remind you that you can create your positive outlook on life. It is a choice in every moment.

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