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The Anatomy of a Signature Offer

Hi, I'm Emma, and I have a sexy Signature Offer that brings it all together.

In the world of entrepreneurship, we see a broad spectrum of professional identities, which all have the same initial struggle. How do we monetize our experience? Through much trial and (fatal) error, we can perceive our failures as the lessons on our path to success.

From freelancers who transition to full-fledged business owners, creatives searching for their "big break," solopreneurs with expertise that qualifies them as coaches or consultants, and professionals with a broad niche to serve, there is much room to play. And yet, focusing can be challenging. On the flip side, if your focus is too narrow, you may not see and grasp the expansive opportunities that come your way. By engaging with your skills, experience (beyond professional,) and personality, what problem can you solve in the world?

Put it all Together

I created my services list some time ago. Though it shifts along with my honed-in focus on what I actually enjoy versus all that I can do, it has taken all my unique experiences to gain the confidence, control, and valuable insight to create my "signature offer."

My new game plan with EGOxLESS is to create digital products that double in exposure as marketing for my 1:1 services. Marketing a tangible product feels simpler then defining a service that will have a framework but is ultimately different for every client. In purchasing a course or template from me, you can see how I work and what aspects I incorporate that define how I can generate the best service for you. This creates an organic sales flow because my digital products are more approachable and the acting gateway to my services that would provide my expertise and build intimacy with the client.

In packaging my course materials, I clarified my process and unique methodology that marries all my skills, empathetic experience, and robust capabilities. This succinct understanding was an enlightening revelation that came through positioning a specific offer with a client who needed my whole range of services in a particular way. In truth, all the puzzle pieces were already there. It just required conclusive evidence that what I could create could be all-encompassing and there was a market to serve. To not be pigeonholed yet understood is the challenge finally conquered.

Key Points when Formulating your Signature Offer:

  • Make your own damn niche. Make it based on your USPs.

  • Progression can be masked as perfectionism but also stagnancy. Find out how you can help others through your workflow.

  • Be flexible, but hold boundaries. You determine the guidelines and use discernment in exceptional cases.

  • Offer the bare maximum, but define the tasks you can offload to collaborators and what the add-ons may be to your offer.

The EGOxLESS Signature Offer is a cohesion of these considerations. I feel limitless by creating something that defines the scope of my expertise, but I also have brief parameters explaining what I do. By formulating the offer as such, it can be dissected with options for budgetary alignment.

The Creator Uprise

How do you price point your skills?

I have a breadth of experience that is creative, producing, planning, sales, marketing, etc. I know how to help others communicate from a place of authenticity. For many years I was conditioned to believe that art should be free, or the adage of being underworked and overpaid so that you can earn your financial status. The generous side of me gave endlessly but was drained. My pattern would be to give and don't receive.

Seeing the creator economy and the unique ways people are both creating and monetizing, it's incredible. It cultivates respect and prosperity in tandem. I am a powerhouse with years of experience, bringing all these skills together. I offer creativity and structure with impactful ideas. And I have been creating free resources in the form of my blog, THE WHEEL, and a growing accessible content library. So as a supporter of the creator economy and being a multi-faceted creative, I took cues and my value back by pricing my services accordingly. I also decided to sell my courses and other documentation because it gives the purchaser enduring value. This realization and separation of anxiety from revenue generation due to past circumstances were the final denominators for my Signature Offer.

So what is my Signature Offer?

Check out my Services page for a detailed breakdown of my (sexy) Signature Offer, The Presenter. I have processed it to be approachable to a broader audience and have tiered it to also include my Media Training and my foundational Intuitive Communication Strategy Session. Through my Ideation with you, I offer Implementation Education. So you could opt for the strategy and then DIY your work or hire me to facilitate execution. The Presenter's anatomy dissected matches where you are on your journey, and it's designed that way.

Check out my goods!

I'm not one for a salesy CTA, but here are the links to my services, digital products, and THE WHEEL. I hang out on Instagram and LinkedIn the most when it comes to socials if you'd like to connect!

The Leo issue of THE WHEEL is a great read to encourage you to step into the spotlight. Prideful and creative, the lionhearted Leo energy encourages you to shine brightly like its ruler, the sun.

*FUN FACT* I don't have Leo (or the 5th house) in my primary planets, until I start digging deep into asteroid placements. However, with a lot of fiery Sag energy, I can understand the elemental embodiment of Leo to an extent.

For more on how this astrological archetype affects you, check out THE WHEEL!

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