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The Phases of The Ego Integration Process

(According to my Experience Thus Far)

It was best explained to me once as follows: The Ego holds a place at the table alongside your heart and other entities, those who altogether make you whole. The Ego is the protector, more than likely, it just requires a reprogramming from all the negative conditioning it has consumed throughout life. When we accept these aspects and think ‘that’s how life is,’ we inevitably perpetuate misery in our existence.

'The Ego Death' as popularly discussed from a trendy perspective is merely the death of illusions in your life. The reprogramming of what you once believed to be true and of value and importance. It becomes this perpetual part of your path once you start to feel the pressure of the insanity that surrounds you. Nothing makes sense and you don't agree with the experience. You start to realize how your thoughts truly create your reality and that means all the crap you endure comes from inside of you. That in itself is reason to dig deeper into your own psyche.

When people are acting from ego, it generally is a defense mechanism that has become their 'normal.' Their heart has no chance to speak up, lost in a pile of rubble, feeling stuck; stagnant. The Ego is a reactor when we experience pain. It either holds pretentious nobility with a superiority complex or the complete opposite of inferiority, so the one to whom these notions belong acts out of ill will toward self and by default inflicts their pain onto others. True colors show, but it takes the desire and action of the owner to make the changes toward healing for their growth and they may be so unaware that adapting to a whole new way of being may seem preposterous.

I will elaborate more on each phase in future posts, but here is the list of my processing:

  1. Identification: You start to see egoic aspects in others, pinpointing parts of their storylines as reference for your own understanding.

  2. Vilification: Usually comes from shame and guilt of one’s self, seeing the falsehoods of others and reaching a limit of expansion with them.

  3. Admittance: Taking responsibility for your own acts of egoism, which is a continually humbling experience.

  4. Purging: Releasing sometimes seemingly endless toxicity you see in yourself and in others.

  5. Adaptability: Not beating yourself up so much as you accept your purges as part of the awareness process.

  6. Boundaries: Putting them in place as you integrate all parts of yourself and eliminate those from your life that you don't have a heart-based connectivity to.

  7. Alignment: Putting them in place as you integrate all parts of yourself and eliminate those from your life that you don't have heart-based connectivity to.sion of self that is the key to our magic.

Identifying it as a multi-step program may be beneficial to some minds, hence the listed outline. There are stories from each of these phases and it is interesting for me to read them now, being at a much more peaceful place (most of the time.) How they will be elaborated upon moving forward will be the challenge for myself, to see how far I have come in my own journey.

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