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The Skew of Illusion

Everything happens for a reason because everything you create in your mind is projecting into your reality. So it is best to learn that sooner than later. 

Fear is an illusion. Generally derived from a deeply rooted pain that needs to be healed and released so that you are manifesting positivity in your life. Here is where you experience life lessons, but now you are equipped with knowledge that you can speed up processes through your work and comprehension of your reality. 

Following me thus far? I got my bullshit meter tuned up as my empathic abilities and intuition amplified. I know the hangups I have in my mind are illusionary. I also know how my old fears came to fruition because I kept letting them eat away at me and hindered my intuition. I fell into the egoic trap of illusions and for a time, forgot the power of my mind. When my heart wants something and leads my mind, that's a different story.

Sometimes we want to believe in the illusions so badly because we have this deep-rooted fear of facing ourselves. I came to this understanding the hard way naturally, as one must do to believe it I suppose. My defiant nature has allowed me to see beyond the veil throughout my life, though I still had to identify the falsehoods. I was able to see my fear-driven nature and that of others. It is the great downfall we all suffer from. 

We can create this vapid shell of existence and project our pain onto others and reciprocation occurs like a mirror. We think that's just how life is. We think we deserve to be treated a certain way based on our internal dialogue and pass that off as love. We seek external vices aka numbing agents because we allow ourselves to believe that this will be better than facing ourselves. We devise the illusions as a protection, and it's crippling at best.

On the flip side of that, I have dreamed big and I have made things happen. At the time, I intuitively knew they would transpire for me, but because they were often these big things to me I spent a lifetime thinking of, they also seemed illusionary. I didn't value the power I held in those moments. We also lack appreciation in the awe-inspiring experiences because either way, we feel unworthy of the good. 

The illusions are designed by our egos to trap and weaken us. They are also there as education of our abilities. Not everyone takes that route, however, so the falsehoods continue cyclically. It takes work to reach through the limits you impose upon yourself. It takes bravery to stand up against all that is imposed upon you from the outside world. Don't believe everything you see, but also know you did it to your damn self. Boom. Roasted. 

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