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Things Are Changin' (Acoustic) - Gary Clark Jr.

Looking at my music library from most of my lifetime, post the Spice Girls era, which I will likely speak to at some point because #girlpower, I listen to these lyrics with a little more life lived and a deeper understanding of the workings of the world and how love is truly defined.

I started listening to Gary Clark Jr.'s "Things Are Changin'," (the acoustic version, to be specific,) last summer as I was understanding the growth I needed to acquire to appreciate and respect that in others. I was and have continued to shift into my authentic self throughout 2020 and I relish in the immense pride I feel at the evolution of my loved ones. Catching up with friends periodically, seeing them flourish and better themselves, and by default putting that ooey-gooey goodness out into the world is what makes me crave change.

"Things Are Changin'" is the bittersweet balance between love of another and supporting both their and your evolution. "I love you, but I have to find myself." "I know you love me and I hope you understand." Instead of the basal love story of falling in love, sticking together, and ignoring things that cause erosion. The absence of true support by imposing conditions, it just doesn't work in truth toward separate and collective growth.

I'm a sucker for a good acoustic version of a song. It helps me to imagine and desire to see the artist in a live performance. It's artists like Gary Clark Jr. that make me swoon, but also give me all of those good feels inside. Artists like him help contribute to my expression through my writing, with less of a filter and sometimes adding a poetic tinge to my words. 

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