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To Be Dope

Dope is a word with multiple meanings (pointed out eloquently in the 2015 film of the same name) to be elaborated upon here:

So you can see how a singular slang word can, depending on who you ask, offer a different perspective. How can one word be both bad, and good? Like people, we hold the ability to embody both sides of ourselves.

If we are keen on our perception's focus, we can opt for the brighter side of things in most scenarios. But much like the associations with the word dope, there is a continual shift. Sometimes we shine so bright, the world needs sunglasses, and others, we can wreck ourselves due to our bogged down brains. It's in the clarity that we find with these shifts that allow us growth.

You see, I can be perceived moment to moment in all kinds of ways, just like the word dope. I could be foolish or I could be cool. I could be however you perceive me as I do the same to you. Really, who cares?

See taking the egoic impact out of your worry of how others view you is a powerful thing. My only point and purpose with the insights I share is I advocate for the work that goes into bettering self so that the world can be albeit this sounds cheesy, a better place.

It has been a bit of a struggle to share aspects of myself on this platform. To remove the concern of how my words are perceived and who does or doesn't read them. It is easy to admonish people for their perceived sins, but it is a challenge to do good, be good, and share that love and self-respect without feeling like you are coming off of a massive ego trip. Knowing your worth and sharing that authentically becomes less of a concern once you step into it and be nothing other than... DOPE.

Ultimately, external validation is irrelevant. I love kindness and compliments and resonating people, I mean, let's keep the exchange going, but ultimately it's the knowing of self and choosing to present your dopeness in the best of meanings, that makes you exactly that.

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