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Top 5: Astrology

New Year, renewed me.

I wanted to bring in some different content to the blog as a form of community building and to keep myself inspired. What better way than to send some love to those who inspire me? On the last Friday of every month in 2021, I will be presenting to you with a Top 5 list. Since I posted a bit about my astrological makeup earlier this month, I thought astrology would be a good place to start.

Here are my Top 5 Astrological sources:


I like the interactivity of their birth charts, and in a free report, they give you an excess of information. They also have a great blog with valuable content, and I would say it's worth it when you can get a deal on your full report.


I have had this book for years. To attest to the time I've been interested in astrology, I remember Kelly Ripa talking about it on Live with Regis and Kelly in her early days on the show. The book breaks down compatibility in an overall attraction sense, not just physical. However, it is fascinating how they provide pretty detailed descriptions on you physicality based on your sun sign. It's chock full of information, LGBTQ friendly, and fun. Now that I know more about my astrological makeup I can go and read more about the signs I previously might have overlooked.


"Pause for the cause." I love Astro Finesse's breakdown of content, and as long as you know your birth chart, you can navigate your way through his videos for deeply informative guidance of self. For example, my Uranus is in Sagittarius, so I can search through his content and find that info about myself delivered by a very calm and soothing voice, might I add.


Similar to Astro Finesse, Stellar Match breaks down its content in a concise and informative manner. In the abyss that's Instagram astrology memes, I like to get to the point and hear the description of my birth chart placements. The content is easy to ingest and take what resonates and leave the rest. Aesthetically, there is a correlation to the visuals, and by scrolling through their feed you will find likely learn something new.


This Android-based app is a source to generate birth charts and get down to the nitty-gritty. It's based in UTC, so I'm thankful for the early days of my career where I had to become well-versed in time zone conversion. It doesn't take much space up on my phone either. I like to have this as I work to build and learn my chart independently.

Other great apps for both Android and iPhone: Co-Star, Up, and Astromatrix. These all have daily horoscope options and breakdown many of the extensive details of interest.

There you have it, my Top 5 Astrological resources at this present moment. I confined myself to this rule of 5, but clearly in my recommendations I already broke that rule. How Sagittarius in Uranus in the 1st House of me.

A special shoutout to all the astrology memers on Instagram as well. My Sagittarian friend and my Cancerian self rib each other consistently with them. Naturally, I cry at a lot of them in my moody sensitivity. My fave would have to be Tarot Reader Peter, for the constant stream of astrological and spiritual memes that I thoroughly enjoy and can relate to.

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