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Top 5: Winter Reads - Audiobooks

Thanks to quarantine, in 2020 I dominated the audiobook game. Listening while running, at the gym (with a mask on,) or whilst writing, which can create confusion, I'm all of a sudden a consistent reader because I found a way to multitask with it. This list is comprised of my standouts from my first major foray into audiobooks. I note them for their humor, grace, and ability to be heard in my busy mind to teach me something new with the art of connectivity.

Here are my Top 5 Winter Reads - Audiobooks:

Thanks to my library app, I had 'skip-the-line' access to this winner by SNL co-Head Writer and Weekend Update co-anchor. Recalling his deep roots in Staten Island, his history with the long-running TV landmark, his hilarious rapport I would call an Odd Couplesque love affair, with Michael Che, and you know, marrying Black Widow. What a hilarious and candid read, especially since Jost himself was telling the stories. His delivery is on point, and in the nearly 7 hours I committed to finishing in 7 days, I was halfway done the first time I hit play. I would only recommend the book version because it contains entertaining photos that would insinuate you wanting to punch Jost in the face.

I knew of Glennon Doyle, but I cannot say I had picked up a book of hers before. I was blown away by the alignment. I would have an epiphany about the wonders of life then wherever I picked up in the listening, her stories were confirming every brilliant lesson I was having. The sincerity within her words and her poetic explanation of her experiences were evident as to why she has found success with her writing over the years. I felt deeply connected with her, even if my experiences were different, the feelings and realizations have been similar.

This audiobook contains actual audio clips from Oprah's interviews. It made the book that much cooler. I used to hate working out with my phone because I didn't want the distraction. But alas, I had destroyed my last iPod, and I suppose everything can be found on my phone because it's all multifunctional and whatever. Currently, it is covered in multiple coats of nail polish to cover the cracks and some Paw Patrol stickers, thanks Kai. Hating to touch it while exercising, however, cause, germs, I could not help myself, having to bookmark and write every amazing quote from this book. It was frustrating, but I had to do it.

I remember when this book was released in 2015 and the accolades surrounding it. I have had to up my reading game, and as noted this past year, audiobooks have become a huge part of my life. This collision of a lifestyle choice along with the opportunity found for greater discussion to pave way for positive change in 2020 made it the right time for me to hear this book. Written as a letter to his teenage son about being an African American male in America, and with Coates reading the audiobook himself, it felt even more personal, and the story of the human condition is universal, no matter what is being told.

"Life is a natural unfolding of reality. You are supposed to harmonize with it and not give up and let it takeover. You learn how to interface and interact with life in a wholesome and participatory way." - Michael A. Singer

A quote taken from his interview with Oprah, featured in The Path Made Clear listed above. I had walked past this book prominently placed on the shelf in the bookstore, only to find it in my library app. I found the writing and explanation of consciousness to be easily digestible, as in it could find resonance with you wherever you are on your depth of understanding. We limit ourselves so much through our ego and perceived blockages from years of mental conditioning. This book aptly explains that and how to make strides toward your truth.

I have included Amazon links for each book, with the option of both audio and hardcover.

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