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Turn Ideas into Profit

Hi, I'm Emma, and I help ideators take action.

My mind is a never-ending fountain full of ideas. All day, my brain is solutions-oriented and connects all of the dots. Another great analogy would be like a spider weaving its web. It just knows and doesn't stop. Unless said spider (probably a black widow for dramatic emphasis) is inside, and I need to save it.

My gift is communicating what I intuit and observe with my insatiable curiosity and ambition. After years of studying people's quirks and having my professional experiences unfold, I have determined that a significant asset I embody is this ability to take action and get things done. With that, I also can recognize the magic in a circumstance and suss out the potential pitfalls. Through experience, a healthy dose of skepticism has been built along with my confidence in my self-motivated nature.

The less we are concerned with the outcome regarding the hows, whys, and who fors, the more we can create our original concepts and make them tangible. Building a business plan with these points, absolutely, 100%, but being aware of the pitfalls like ruminating in the negative and limiting "what ifs" is the problem. Price pointing altruism (our perception of our passion + purpose) also stresses the situation immensely.

A consistent question I have been asking over the years, a frustrating one, is, "That's a great idea, but how do you make this tangible?" Or "That's a great idea," cut to the person repeating the same negative patterns and not being brave enough to make a change. Because of my acute awareness and sensitivity, I have developed a persona that has allowed me to get things done. Learning my unique blueprint, which includes an independent streak, and the ability to initiate new beginnings and culminating cycles, I have figured out how to bring these things together without worrying as much about the middle. It's not some supreme mental manifestation hack; it's just how I am wired and best operate. I know how to get things going with a strategy (I also know how to burn out in the middle) and wrap things up, only to start all over again.

The challenge I have found over the years has been finding the proper support for my ideas. We are structured in modern society to follow a specific path and fit into a very limiting mold. It's not particularly progressive for the innovative thinker. As we modernize further toward a more digital and sustainable way of being, these creative thinkers are finding their support systems.

I have learned to do the majority of the work on my own. It's not just my best mode of operation but my simple internal circuitry. It also happens to brush up against societal norms, and it feels defeating when you lack support and understanding. Finding confidence in that has been the challenge because it can create what appears to be a longer path toward success. But in truth, the wisdom I have gained is more valuable, which is how to make an idea tangible.

Creativity, I use as a broad term as it is an approachable opportunity for someone focused in on any field. That support system towards monetizing creativity wasn't always prevalent in our culture. Now, everyone is a content creator or an infopreneur, the coaches, the consultants, and the guides. Everyone is under the umbrella of being an ideator who figured out how to take action. In gratitude, we can take cues from those who have come before us, but there seems to be a call now more than ever for the trailblazers and the game-changers to show up in total exposure.

I like to figure it all out, and my years of freelancing, building my brand and others and going for those "implausible" concepts that were actually just brilliant ideas dropped into my brain a little early. Timing plays a role, not in how we perceive it, but rather in allowing ideas to ripen and mature and finding the right pieces to make it happen. Sometimes it takes learning a life lesson to generate revenue from a long-held idea locked away in the dark corners of your mind.

And now, looking back on those more important ideas I have held onto and learning how to take action along the way, I can bring tangibility and life to them and help ideators do the same. It's because everything is possible, and there is nothing to lose. When you cultivate that mindset and your habitual movements toward your growth, you will just do it.

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I'm not one for a salesy CTA, but here are the links to my services, digital products, and THE WHEEL. I hang out on Instagram and LinkedIn the most when it comes to socials if you'd like to connect!

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