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Types of Love

Ego love - They fill a void or compensate for you in the places you feel inadequate or overact to feel good about yourself.

Heart love - These people make you smile when you think of them. There are the warm, ooey-gooey feelings whether friendly or romantic.

Soul love - That inexplicable pull to another person, no matter what, it doesn't go away. If you are frustrated with them, it can also be highly annoying.

There is, of course, the overlap with these as the exploration of life continues. The ego can often deceive you, making choices through your inadequacies instead of from your heart. Ego love is fleeting and limiting. It can overpower your truth and intuition. It can deter you from those soul connections because you have a lesson or two to learn.

Heart-based love activates you. It sends you on this journey of self-discovery, or at least for me it has. I have these deep soul connections found throughout my life that have allowed me to learn myself and to identify the ego-driven connections I had. We're all meant to float around one another and cause a stirring, but my imprint is meant to be kind and thoughtful. I saw how my mentality changed with different connections. The misalignment led me to this comprehension and back to those who feel like home.

When you reach that source of stability within yourself, you can identify these differences and strive toward what feels good. Sometimes we have these ego connections in our lives as they are soul connections too. Meant to teach us things to put us back on the right path. In truth, it is all love, but seeing through the superfluous nature of things and realizing all you have inside yourself, the connections you have become deeper, more respectful, and nourishing because you learn to curate your life as such.

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