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Unconditional Love

It's a process.

It's a gateway drug to a universal understanding of self and others.

Its appreciating people at their different stages of growth and supporting them. Even though sometimes you so desperately want them to meet you where you are. But let's face it, without the friction, would the opportunity be as compelling?

See, that's the kicker. Showing yourself that same powerful engagement of understanding and softness, but also allowing yourself to process things as they come. See your reflection in others and watch your projection onto the world. Give yourself the compassion you deserve as you commit to bettering yourself and almost by default will others feel that radiance from you. In that understanding, unconditional love is born.

There are different love languages as classified by Dr. Gary Chapman. I've only looked at it in passing, but I can see aspects of myself in each of them, it just depends on the person. On the flip side, you can use the reference to learn what makes you feel loved. I reference this as a way to determine your interactions, but it is also a way to view what you do and do not require sourced from external validation. The more we reframe our internal needs are ours alone, the less we will feel that compelling desire to have our needs met by others. That is in itself, a major part of unconditional love. 

I am learning that being whole and transparent, regardless of the company I am in is bringing me the validation I yearn for. With that being said, I look to different people to engage in different aspects of myself, but I do not compartmentalize who or what is designated in different parts of my life. That fearlessness of expression along with seeing the light in others even after growing pains is the key to the universe. I think. 

Show up when people need you. Setting aside any resentment, frustration, sadness, just being there pure of heart because it's your call of duty as a fellow human. Not doing anything out of your guilt, shame, or again that belief that you require external validation. Being loyal, stable, and listening are superpowers. No one can claim they know better for another, but simply embodying the essence of a rock. Not The Rock, though he's fantastic, it's having that steady nobility. Doing your best to harness your own emotions not to: relate, impress upon, or use the level of trust given as an effort to gain control over another. Elevate their spirit and inspire them through unbiased and unwavering compassion.

Seeing the light in the darkness and committing to that work will help you get through a whole lot of unnecessary BS. That is unconditional and forever love.

The more we all adapt to that mentality towards our heart spaces, the better off we will be as a collective. Seeing the world this way helps when you simply just cannot fathom why there would be any other way. Just be a rock.

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