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Writing Authentic Content For Small Businesses

The Ego. When yours is out of alignment, it doesn't always have the best of intentions. It can cause detriment by hindering your genuine connectivity to others and hold you back with foolish fears. Its issues, however, are to be learned, not admonished. When we let our tickers lead, our authenticity begins to shine through in all areas of our life, and we can put our mind to work positively.

I used to get in trouble because of my candidness in my email exchanges in an early event-producing role. My notes had a fusion of my personality after copying and pasting the same stale invitation letter format to global media leaders. Eventually, I understood that my ability to resonate with people and build niceties beyond the professional barriers and my inherently high empathy level was a strength. The restrictions imposed upon me over the years were control tactics to fit into the perceived norm. That just wasn't my thing.

Those media leaders were my source of inspiration, having literal stars in my eyes since childhood for the entertainment industry. But as I have evolved and various illusions have faded, I have come to love other industries as well. Writing just so happens to be that transferrable skill. When I stopped judging my creativity and realized I'm this late on-set athlete, I've been able to tap into other artistic streams and health, wellness and fitness media. Hell, I even kind of get science now and can write about it. A shock to many, I assure you. In the acceptance of my internal diversity and in the quest of optimizing my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies, I realized that writing is that free-flowing innate ability I have that brings everything together.

Over the years, I have been a freelance event producer, and I also did symbiotic stints in business development, marketing, and always a part-time retail job. I was never really fulfilled or happily focused. I felt drained with little to no reward and consistently stunted in my growth (or so I thought.) During that period of my life, however, I learned some of the lessons that drove me toward EGOxLESS's inception. I also realized that I have this fiery entrepreneurial spirit. I began to find inspiration again when I started releasing content, and I reviewed where I was gravitating to for influence. It was entrepreneurs and brands primarily with ethical mandates and people I've known over the years building their businesses like, well, bosses.

Writing is my form of communication, creativity, and catharsis.

I believe in storytelling fused with personality, much like what I had previously been shamed for. There is such bravery in those that go their own way. The pursuit of your passion can be a challenging thing. Especially if you feel misunderstood or lack support. Figuring out how to express the powerful intent behind what you do and relaying that to your target audience is often a blockage. Being able to eloquently share your story, stepping into your integrity and doing good in this world (while generating revenue) is where the juicy gossip content lies.

My adaptable yet strong personality has taken me to many places. My neverending quest to uncover the mysteries of the universe and that desire to help others is where my innate ability to craft a good story lies. I find inspiration in that communication. Blogging (and other types of copy) gives me that opportunity to connect, support, and grow from each experience. Having diverse interests and focusing on optimizing all aspects of self, I love to write about different topics as a Small Business Blogger. It allows me to be definable yet not fully categorized in a singular faction.

Don't Let The Ego Write Your Content.

Authentic writing that caters to your branding brings a personal approach to your business. It brings humility and an ability to resonate on a deeper level with whomever your target audience is. I have services listed here and my portfolio here. Contact me if you want to have dynamic, genuine, SEO-tailored content for your blog, social media, or website!

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