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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Hi, I'm Emma, and the word liberation influences me greatly.

In context, we can understand that our liberation differs from another's; likewise, that term is associated with civil liberties many others do not have. This piece, however, presents it in the understanding of internal freedom.

What is your vision of personal freedom?

How do your senses correlate with this concept?

How do you make it real?

The liberation from feeling suppressed or blocked from communicating without a need to feel like others will be harmed or triggered or, even worse, not even bother to try to understand. The liberation from worrying about who will and won't come with you on your journey. And letting people be where they are without feeling responsible for their growth or, more so, empathetic epiphanies. That's my niche, anyway.

Recognizing we all come into the world with our unique makeup and a blueprint for our existence is a great thing to rely upon. But as we mature and have experiences that make (or break us), we start to see fear take over. Hurtful choices are made, shrinking ourselves to fit into (questionable) societal standards and feeling an overwhelming sense of pain simply because of our options that aren't for our well-being. They are for our stagnancy.

Liberation, for me, is perhaps more desirable than others. It's literally in my blueprint for this life. My deep dive into astrology, human design, and other psychological profiles I leverage when working with my clients is a pervasive theme for me.

I aim to understand the human condition from various angles and find comfort in change. I crave it, celebrating the small mindset shifts as they come. I also adapt to evolution without that stronghold or control over what transpires. Simultaneously, on my self-awareness journey, my independent, free-spirited streak is derived from my purpose. I rejoice in life's daily lessons (now) and motivate others to do the same. This way, the relationship to pain also evolves, and I do my part to improve the world. Luckily, I am incredibly self-motivated, so I can do things for the sake of doing them versus needing a lofty goal or, in opposition, a driving force from a negative experience.

My biggest challenge is to understand why people do what they do. Why do they make cruel choices or opt for lesser than they deserve? This thus perpetuates the negative cycles that lower our global vibrancy. We cannot bring people up or be held accountable for their happiness. The more we process our pain and build a healthier relationship with it, the more we will see genuine happiness.

Likewise, these revelations I have incurred in recent years have brought me back to my purpose with now more lived-in wisdom under my proverbial belt, as well as that reconnection to my business name. EGOxLESS means less ego, more heart. But it is also about bringing good health to our egos, not letting its negative conditioning take over our mindsets, resulting in emotional and bodily sensations akin to enduring (pointless) pain. We refer to that as being alive. This conditioned framework we choose limits our existence and trains us to believe that that's all there is. With a limitless mindset, however, we can perceive our spectrums of pain resulting from traumas as our lessons and growth indicators. Coming home to our intuition is how we flourish and welcome life's daily lessons with an open heart.

Indeed, our personalities are prone to certain things more than others might experience them. I have my need for freedom, my never-ending desire to express myself, and a heightened empathy that has been difficult to come to terms with. These are my USPs but they are also hard to define, make tangible, or sell as an entrepreneur. It has taken years with this particular unique path to determine how to monetize off of my truth, my freedom essentially.

It comes through presenting my emotional intelligence. I do not hesitate with my words or empathy because I feel an emotionally volatile backlash or a complete rebellion when someone I see the good in opts for total self-destruction. After all, misery becomes comfortable.

I am now offering digital products to support authentic communication correlating to my professional experience and my skill set with clients. I am growing a copywriting template suite and digital courses for professionals looking to hone in and cultivate their most confident personal brand and business. Whether they are a company leader, serial entrepreneur, media professional, wellness service provider, or a freelancer tackling the creative economy, I realize my knowledge and brand are based upon helping others communicate with a genuine approach for success. With this understanding of self that I obtained through my innate curiosity and interest in why people do what we do and how we can connect well beyond our words, I have reframed my offerings and my "niche."

By creating digital products, I can connect with a broader audience, and by offering more intimacy through my 1:1 services, I get to connect deeply with my clients who are ready to do the work, which is my preference. I have been tinkering away at content and offerings in 2022 so that I can continue to build upon my sense of freedom and take action on all the lessons I have learned since EGOxLESS's conception. 2023 is the year of liberation, and the evolution of how things will shift over the year is what remains exciting.

Check out my goods!

I'm not one for a salesy CTA, but here are the links to my services, digital products, and THE WHEEL. I hang out on Instagram and LinkedIn the most when it comes to socials if you'd like to connect!

The Aries issue of THE WHEEL is a great read to familiarize you with the baby of the zodiac. Bold and brave with a penchant for impulsive actions, the ram makes moves, instigating entrepreneurial momentum.

*FUN FACT* I don't have many predominant Aries placements, but I do have multiple planets residing in the 1st house, hence why I find identity comprehension so fascinating!

For more on how this astrological archetype affects you, check out THE WHEEL!

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