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Life Lessons Vol. 2

The list continues to grow: 

1. Forgiveness of self and others leads to a greater comprehension and delivery of compassion. It also holds you accountable for having healthy boundaries.

2. Sometimes people need to know how they have affected you. Good or bad, if you have the confidence and wherewithal to express yourself candidly, you will feel liberated. 

  1. Spreading positivity is good. Once you understand where the negatives came from and/or how you took them in because of your history, you can better and calmly discuss the negatives with them. 

3. We all need to be more self-aware and help others along the way without implicating ourselves as martyrs.


5. Once you release the things that don’t serve you, the like-minded folk will find you. You will meet them at the right time where you appreciate them more and there will be this surge of magic in your life. 

6. Keep shining your light bright and realize that some people will need to wear sunglasses until they can match your wattage. Don't dim to fit in. Cliche, but so very true. 

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