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Chasing vs. Leading

A difference in energy to match your mindset.

If you are constantly chasing some external pleasure, you are failing to see the joys of everyday life. Impulsive actions break up the monotony but they do not lead you to appreciate the things you do have, pitying yourself and focusing on your perceived lack.

CHASING is going after something or someone in a controlling manner as you are coming from a point of desperation. You are in search of something to fill a void within yourself. Chasing after something or someone is not the energy you want to give off. If you are yearning for something that is 'missing' from your life, you will repeatedly have the rude awakening that the answer is within yourself and it will become a negative habitual cycle and thought patterns that will prohibit you from living from your heart.

LEADING is coming from balanced energy within yourself. You know what you want and that your intentions are good. You are desiring a positive outcome and will remain in that mindset unwavering. You take the reins in a situation because you foresee better days ahead and you are guiding things to not only work in your favor but for the favor of the greater good. You are confident in your sense of self and you are letting your intuition guide you.

When you are in your full power, you are leading. The action is coming from a place of compassion and strength and neutrality within yourself, but you understand how to tip the scales in your favor with confidence.

'The chase' is talked about often in relationship dynamics. The thrill of it. Men want what they can't have as they are hunters by instinct. Women come off as needy and desperate. So what gives? Both can chase but are perceived as different energies, yet both can lead as well. I think the inherent difference is in the way these actions are framed. Think of it this way, in truth, we chase our insecurities. We focus on our perceived lack of fulfillment.

Coming into balance as of course, we all have masculine and feminine energies, both can lead and understand the dance to create a synergy. It is unfortunate that the discrepancies lie in skewing to the negative about chasing as it does come down to energy, not gender. Also, that I took the conversation in this direction, but it can be the most relatable at times.

I have chased after people and goals before, but I have also led. When I lead, I feel empowered and I know that the outcome does not hinder my progress in any way within my core. I lead from a place of love and choose every day to do so. I have done and continue to do my healing work to know that I am not missing anything in my life and let things flow to me, but I also know when I need to step up and set this world on fire with my integrity.

To be who I am, I have always had this strength and understanding, but as lessons I have had moments on the other end of the spectrum. My masculine and feminine sides now work in tandem to achieve success in whatever I know is right for me. So when I worked through my 'chasing' aspects, surrendered to what will be, but know that 1 clear voice that speaks to me, if THAT voice says 'go for it' then I take action and I do it from this place of balance and understanding and that's when I win no matter what.

Feminines can lead vs. chase. It's in their thoughtful words and the actions they take to align with them. It's in their ability to look beyond all the preconceived notions, knowing that there are similarities in their situation, but ultimately only they know their truth and with bravery choose to carve their own path. I think men who are working to balance their energies within as well can equally have these issues and the dynamics simply need to be faced and dealt with. We can do this together, as a collective. Let's empower one another instead of being at odds. Let's band together, learn to let our guards down, and trust in the vulnerability.

Therein lies the difference and it is time we support everyone's own individuality, yet knowing we are all connected and take the time out of our selfish heads to see the other side and work together to lead each other toward greatness.

It is about inspiring and leading as is finding that balance between creating and fate.

Here are pieces on both the Masculine and Feminine energies as I continue to evolve my understanding of them for the sake of the latter half of this post.

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