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Enneagram Types: How Do You Relate to Emotions?

The Enneagram Test is defined by 9 different types. It is emotionally focused and helps to describe how you understand others. Of the 9 types, they are divided between The Head, The Heart, and Body Types. I would liken this to your emotional, mental, and physical bodies, but specifically, they are equating your reaction and release of emotions. That is some worthy knowledge to better determine your social interactions and how you reflect inward toward self.

I took the test to and wanted to share the results as some inspiration to get to yourself better. In the coming months, I will share a variety of results and my interpretation. The Enneagram test I took can be found on Truity.

My results by percentage are listed below:

Here are my top 3 results with over 90%:

Two - The Giver - 98%

Helping others and loving up on everybody that needs it like it's my duty. Leading with a kind energy, and if I'm off, you'll know. The proof is in the percentage, people. Givers traits:

  • Radiate warmth through their eyes and smiles. Smizing, as Tyra would say.

  • Gets along with most anyone

  • Nurturing and caring, patient with (most) others

  • Graceful in their movements, agile

  • Volunteering of their energy toward causes.

Four - The Individualist - 97%

The strong desire to live a unique and authentic existence? Check! Empathetic to a fault? You got it! My drive comes from my charismatic heart. Individualists traits:

  • Distinctive, strong in their presence

  • Communicates effectively and passionately

  • Artistically inclined

  • Weird, in the best way (I'm biased)

  • Can feel an internal void due to an imbalance of freedom.

Eight - The Challenger - 91%

Strong and powerful types with a penchant for standing up for what's right? This is the only Body Type and I would claim this accuracy particularly when I am empowered through exercise and I get fired up (often just thinking about) some sort of activism and fighting for positive change. I get a visceral reaction, and when I have been in mass marches, protests, whatever you want to say, I feel this surge of energy coursing through my body. Even watching an action movie, I have visceral reactions that connect to my emotional state. Challengers traits:

  • Thrives in independence

  • Determined, built to endure

  • High energy, pushes personal boundaries

  • Very passionate and feels an internal fire

  • Can be controlling and stubborn

  • Independent and self-sufficient.

Basically, I can equate myself to the story of Robin Hood, my fave Disney movie from childhood.

What I found fascinating about these results is that I am very 'heart-driven.' I have focused for some time on my mental mastery that I often questioned in my overthinking if I had lost my emotional drive. But then, I would cry and be reminded of the multifaceted person I am.

With Types 2 (The Giver) and 4 (The Individualist) ranking so highly, and with Type 3 (The Achiever at 87%) being in 4th place, it was a gentle reminder that I'm a real sweetheart. Type 8 also, ranking so high with a major disparity between the other Body Types and Head types was intriguing, but very true to me. Considering the Enneagram Types are driven by your Emotional Perception, it does very much make sense that my heart reigns.

Though the official origins of the Enneagram Types are disputable, noted psychologists and spiritualists are listed as those who held a predominant contribution, which is another interesting point of this test. Furthermore, you're a breakdown of the types by percentage, not a well-defined type such as with Myers Briggs or other archetypal psychological tests.

You can take the test yourself over on Truity and find out how accurate it is to your personality.

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