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Astrology Round II: My Juxtapositional Nature

I previously broke down my three major signs in my astrological birth chart, found here. Dominated by Cancer, Gemini, and Sagittarius, I now wanted to break down some unique aspects of my natal chart a bit further.

I have a majority balance between Water and Air signs, with a hint of Fire and a dash of the Earth element. Astro Seek has The Dominant Planets & Elements calculator which is an additional report of interest. Mercury (communication) is my top planet, duh. Followed by Mars (action, discussed below) then Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (transformation) tied for third place. It turns out my least dominant is my Sun in Cancer. Go figure!

I also have explored the Houses in astrology, which I may discuss at a later date. It's just a seemingly neverending quest once you break down all of the different traits of self that are defined so clearly in your natal chart. There is also the mention of the signs that are Cardinal (Cancer), Fixed, and Mutable (Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, and Virgo mentioned below.) There is consistently something new to explore. Of course, you can then tiptoe your way into other charts as well and psychoanalyze your loved ones, all explorable on this magical place called the internet.

Pisces: Mars, North Node

Mars is the masculine planet, representative of how you take action. Pisceans are very creative, ethereal, and in my experience, a bit nitpicky and finicky. I find them to be very organized in their surroundings. Mars is also dominant in my personal planet lineup, which relates to my driven nature. But I do things in a way that could be considered transcendent. That's a key Pisces word I keep seeing in descriptions, so we will also use it here. I believe that things will happen as I envision them and will work out. I'm a dreamy doer.

However, the North Node, I enjoy explaining because primarily, it was one of the first placements I remembered and could explain relating to my life up to that point. Your North Node is your purpose in this lifetime. Whether or not you subscribe to the past-life theory, I can attest to some experiences that have provided me with such certainty. Basically, this time around, I am meant to play into the creative, free-flowing side of myself and trust that ethereal part of me. With my Mars in Pisces, that helps my cause greatly. I best serve my purpose through my idea generation derived from my imagination.

Virgo: Midheaven, North Node

I am a planner. I am an over-functioning person at times, and that stressful, anxious expression played out in my early days producing events and working with those around me. In my experience, I get along with Virgos, however, their analytical, perfectionist nature sometimes takes me out of my best practices. With that being said, they do get shit done and my Midheaven which rules your professional existence is in Virgo. Hence my great ability to fall into a planning role, which also spilled over into my social life, which at times, was of value. But it was the rigidity that caused me pain because my South Node is in Virgo. Pisces and Virgo are direct opposites on the zodiac wheel, as are north and south on a compass. Get it? So in a previous life, my purpose was very Virgoan, and in this one, I relate more comfortably to that energy, however, I am happiest (yet fearful) of moving into that Piscean energy.

My whole chart is very juxtaposed, (see my dominant Gemini + Sagittarius placements) and since I have a majority of mutable signs, I am more adaptable and flexible. So with chameleon-like qualities, I have always had a bit of an internal battle. However, the ongoing lesson is to define the middle path, the balance between the opposing energies. I thrive in the difference.

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