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My Astrology - Sun, Moon, Rising and a Little More Ammo Against Me

I have always loved astrology and other psychological testing and archetypes to learn more about the human condition and evolve my self-awareness. To diversify the blog content and further express myself in this world, I am going to share some findings of the different parts of me, starting with the basics of Astrology.

Throughout quarantine, I dove deep into my birth chart. I have to say the stars truly do not lie. They align for you (along with the planets) at the exact date and time you are born to help make you uniquely you. Have you seen the memes about there asking someone for their birth time? IT IMPROVES THE ACCURACY OF YOUR FORTUNE TELLING!

Your very basic duty as a junior astrologer or as a self-awareness enthusiast is to learn more about your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. There are 12 signs, 12 houses, and the various asteroids and planets that create different aspects within your birth chart along with the elements and ways they interact with one another. To learn more and to generate a free birth chart for yourself, I would recommend Or Astro-Charts.

Cancer: Sun, Chiron

My Sun is in Cancer, born on July 11th (it's free Slurpee day at 7-Eleven, you're welcome.) I am sensitive, intuitive, caring, moody, worrisome, and so much more. Many of the Astro jokes would be accurate at times. Cancer's motto is: "I feel." Now your Sun Sign is essentially your ego, your basal outward expression. Conveniently, my Chiron (which is the asteroid that identifies your core wound in this lifetime) is also in Cancer, mine relating to familial bonds. I take this as a bit of an edge because I'm already so emotionally inclined and my expression is very much nurturing with a little pinching as a crab.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign, meaning it's the first of the water signs on the zodiac wheel. I am otherwise dominated by opposing mutable signs, creating see-saw imagery on my birth chart. This is a fair explanation of my adaptability and constant search for balance within the tempered extremes.

Gemini: Moon, Mercury, Venus

The two-faced, twin-like, airy yet intelligent, flirtatious sign that I too held a previous negative connotation to thanks to media and some people I've known over the years. Sue me if I'm building stereotypes based on your astrology, okay? Trust me, I've heard it all about being a sucky Cancer, and I could write a book on the oddity of Cancer males, as they've haunted me all my life. Anyway, I'm like, totally part Gemini and I'm digging it. I find it ironic, the more I have been learning about the duality we all embody between light and dark, masculine and feminine, etc.

Along with striving for that inner balance, learning that my moon is in Gemini, which is your inward emotive expression, explains why I intellectualize my emotions as an equally empathic Cancer, who rules the moon. Mercury's planetary ruler is Gemini, which I have, and it is beyond apt. I communicate well as a writer because of these placements and particularly in this blogging atmosphere, I am creating.

Venus is the sign of love, beauty, and feminity, how we express these things. With mine in Gemini, I find communication attractive. Connect with me on the mental plane and be open about your emotions, and we will be BFFs. I'll send you an eloquent and gushing text about how fantastic you are if I feel inclined. I would say this explains my lack of superficiality in regards to attraction and my diversified interests. I need to be consistently learning and evolving in a variety of things. My mind runs a mile a minute and can jump from one topic to another. I get bored if you cannot teach me something new or mix heavy emotion with humor in your vulnerability. I take everything you say as inventory to grow with and keep an engagement with you. More often than not, I'm having a whole other conversation in my head while still keeping up with yours. Am I giving away too many secrets?

Sagittarius: Ascendant, Saturn, Uranus

In recent years, I have attracted more Sagittarians into my life. They are quirky, independent, philosophical, and have this powerfully subtle confidence about them. I would categorize them as my 'cool friends.' They are the perfect blend of both dreamers and doers, just as well as Snoop blended gin with juice. He's a Libra, FYI. Sag folk are the ones that give zero expletives but are also some of the most compassionate people I know.

I knew my Ascendant (or Rising) sign was in Sagittarius but didn't go to the depths of the meaning. Aside from it being the sign of The Archer and my lifelong love for Robin Hood (I do mean the Disney version as I referred to him as 'Robin Hood Fox' for many years,) that character reference is perhaps the best portrayal of the Sagittarian energy. "Steal from the rich and give to the poor!" As he would say. Our ascendant/rising sign is our social personality and the first impression we give. Mine, as a fire sign, puts me forth quite charismatically where I naturally feel comfortable. It is a counteractive ingredient to my dominant water and air energies above, which technically rule my birth chart in tandem. That fiery part of me, which some have had the good fortune of experiencing, most of the time is that empowered "we got this!" Versus anything frightening, you may be thinking of. That's still totally the Cancer in me.

Saturn is known as the constrictive planet (aka the boring, oppressive, obedient one.) Uranus is like a freedom fighter. To have Sagittarius as my rising sign and ruling these two planets in opposition with their expressions give me that edge of defiance, a badge I wear with pride. I dislike restriction and I think more than other fire signs, Sagittarius is the free-spirited one, especially when it comes to obtaining knowledge and doing things with my unique imprint. These placements also add to my curious, seeking nature and the inherent need to know the "why" of everything. Here I was, blaming that dog with a bone mentality on my Gemini aspects.

I think I was meant to have a strong mental/emotional balance so that I would be better equipped to help people intellectualize their feelings to make optimal choices and get the best out of them. The astrological placements described above are representative of that.

The psychological explanations of astrology are hard to ignore. I look forward to exploring other personality profilers in the coming months but starting with the ancient giant that is astrology seemed to be a good kick-off to my self-indulgent explanation of my personality. I can simply refer people to these posts to catch-up with me.


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