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Carry Me Home - Jorja Smith & Maverick Sabre

Two UK artists with soulful presence. Reminiscent of bygone eras in their lyrical delivery, "Carry Me Home" sneaks its way onto a number of my playlists.

I am so thankful to have come across them both in recent years, with a couple of other artists that hold a different level of depth to their music it seems. Like a soulful revival. Since The Spice Girls first appeared on the scene, with my childhood love for them, not many other Brits have really done it for me. Until now.

In the rapport built in the song, there is that age-old story that unfolds of the lovely girl and the boy who feels unworthy. There is the responsibility felt by the female, and the male wallows in his self-pity. It can be representative of the imbalance between masculine and feminine energies we encounter in modern times. The irony that is always forgotten is what people see in one another, but perhaps at times, it goes unspoken. Also, as the song title suggests, we all just need to show up for one another and carry each other home sometimes.

It's as though the lyrics are an unspoken dialogue between lovers, who remain in the unrequited phase due to fear. Preceded on the album Project 11 by Poet Thea Gajic's piece, it adds more to this theory, though I had been listening to the song on its own for so long, I had forgotten the poetic presence on the album. It is bravery they wished they had to be honest and not to a limited depth. The issue of fear is always playing a pivotal role in situations such as this in life. When we reach the honesty within ourselves, however, when speaking our complete truth, it will not matter the response you receive.

I have found that as a self-proclaimed honest person, there were still things I withheld to protect myself and/or others. Things left unspoken that began to eat me alive, so once spoken in whatever way, such as through my writing or directly to another, I found freedom. The purpose of expression is not for it to be heard by others, but for you to release it if you feel shackled by it. We fear these honest confessions because sometimes we aren't even being fully honest with ourselves. When you hit that point, you will know.

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