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Numerology is an ancient forecasting tool. It helps you through your birthday, and birth name determines aspects of your personality and path in life.

In my experience, numbers get a bad rap, unless you are a mathematician. Numbers, however, don't just tell you the time or what is in your bank account, but rather they act as signs from the universe to align you to your right path. I always saw the classic 1111 growing up, now I have a better understanding of that meaning for me, along with times of inundation of other repeating numbers. Numerology is something I have long been interested in alongside Astrology and other tools that blend science with spirituality. If it's good enough for Pythagoras, it's good enough for me, you know?

We have 5 core numbers in Numerology to be aware of. Below are my numbers and some insight:

Life Path Number

As its name describes, it's your overall approach to life. You will thrive if you embody the characteristics you probably already naturally feel drawn to, but also face the related challenges. Here you add up the numbers in your date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY). My Life Path number is 8.

8 is all about power, baby! The keywords that come to mind are leadership, integrity, and reliability. There is a drive toward financial abundance and that embodiment of a particular status. Internally, I do often feel that strength of an 8, very determined, and strong-willed. I have a different drive than others, I have come to realize. It is as much of a challenge, however, in my empathy to find a proper way to harness and release said drive effectively. I've gotten softer as I've matured, which seems like an opposite approach to others, or rather, my compassion has grown, so I have to reframe that internal force and spread it out evenly amongst my different facets. I find the irony of my life path to be so fiscally driven, as I heal my relationship with money and the blockages I have incurred. I am striving to prioritize a high dollar value on my work for, as expected from me, global domination.

Birthday Number

No calculations are required. I was born on the 11th, so just guess what my Birthday Number would be. This is the one number you do not reduce to a single digit. And bonus lesson, 11 is a master number (and my favourite) as are 22, 33, 44, etc. If you are calculating any other numbers and your total is one of these, I would suggest looking up the related information before reducing a 22 to a 4 for example.

I was told recently that my Birthday Number 11 may explain my deep intuitive nature, idealism, and sensitivity. So case closed, it's coded directly into my birthday that I am a tough softie that can see right through to your emotional needs.

The three other core numbers are based on your name given at birth. Each letter has an associated number, and you can determine them by adding up the letter's numerical values.

Expression Number

Also referred to as your "Destiny Number," it represents your strengths and challenges. To determine your Expression Number, calculate all the letters in your name given at birth. Mine is 3.

3s express themselves through art! It comes through creativity, and communication, go figure! 3s thrive in inspiring others and holding a positive presence with high energy and wit. I mean, duh.

Personality Number

This number is your first impression. It's how others may perceive you, and kind of like your Ascendant in Astrology. My Personality Number is 6.

Okay, get this. 6s tend to see the best in others and sacrifice their sense of self for the good of others. Juxtaposing my Life Path of 8 (thus far.) As I have come to learn in my empathy, I have given up things for the benefit of others, quite often, so selfishness seems like a rebellion. From a young age, in my strong nature, I was told that selfishness was bad, so it's been coming back into the balance of give and take, as I have often enabled the latter more for others, but then I can't be a martyr either. In the effort to remain cordial, non-judgemental, and be even in the presence of loved ones, I often lost experiential opportunities, however, the integrity of an 8 is also important to me. In my maturation, looking at all the mistakes I didn't make and often felt protected somehow by my intelligence or something looking out for me, I don't know for sure. But to have been there for others proves the magic of the 6. It is a hard thing to explain because that part of my inner world has often had to put on a brave face.

Soul Urge Number

I'm a total 6. Ironic to me with the numbers explained above. The Soul Urge (also known as Heart's Desire) of a 6, is The Nurturer. Well known for our caregiving abilities, and desire to support loved ones, it's what would make my heart and soul happy. I would thrive in this space.

Now as we see, I have 6 in both my Personality and Soul Urge. They are similar in their energy and meaning but have slightly different purposes based on their placements.

So all the numbers from 1 - 9 (and Master numbers and it goes on from there) hold a pretty standard frequency, it just depends where they are placed in your personal group of core numbers based on name and birthday. With a blend of numerology and other esoteric lessons I define the numbers as follows:

0 - The void, ever heard of zero-point energy?

1 - New beginnings, Innovation, Leadership

2 - Harmony, Love, Diplomacy (11 energy is similar as 1+1+2)

3 - Creative, Center of Attention, Connective

4 - Stabilizing, Cerebral, Ethical

5 - Change, Free-Spirited, Adaptive

6 - Nurturing, Family-Oriented, Healing

7 - Philosophical, Solitary, Reluctant Spiritualism

8 - Empowerment, Infinite Abundance, Opting for the Harder Path for Higher Results (I read this on Felicia Bender's site, and this point resonates with me as I write this post)

9 - Endings, Surrendering, Humanitarianism

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